is it better to be a topside welder or underwater welder

what do you think is the pay better, easier to get a job? let me know what you think

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you've gotta go to a commercial dive school to be certified as a underwater welder. you'll hire on as a tender with any company, but now days, we bring out a 3rd party topside welder on the boat and weld. quality of work is so much better and that's what the clients want. there's still habitat welding, but you have to be hot s*** for that.
Definetly easier to find a job as a dry-welder. In France there is a big shortage of dry-welders at the moment, some companies even have to hire untrained people from abroad. The demand for metalworkers is bigger than the supply nowadays.
Pay is better gettin' wet allaround, but topside you will find more jobs weldin' that is! And to add my opinion
I believe it better to be a wet welder than dry, cuz if you can wet weld you should be able to produce awesome topside welds! But that's just me!
If you do not know how to weld on the surface then how do you expect to be proficient underwater? Besides that not enough u/w welding jobs come up.
if you can wet weld you should be able to produce awesome topside welds! But that's just me!

Not true... Most "hot s***" wetwelders are or were drywelders from the beginning and then went to diveschool and wetwelding school (the way it should be in my opinion). It's not true that any wetwelder is a good drywelder. You got (new) guys coming out of school with wetwelding tickets who never even worked as a dry welder and are s***ty drywelders. Vice versa aswell but not that much.
what are some wetwelding schools?
dit in washington, college of oceaneering in long beach and a branch in san diego, the ocean corp in houston, one in jersey....there's a couple more in the southern east coast states. the cheapest one is young's memorial in morgan city, la.
i worked as a welder fabricator for 6 years 4 of which were for a shipyard and i then quit and started working for a ship repair company welding u/w and in habitats and i prefer the latter way more job variety way cooler s*** way more travel.
I've been a welder/fabber for ten years certs to the hill but i would have to agree with skylars comment i will be attending cda in few months so we will see how that goes I'm tierd of the same old same old although i work in the r&d field it gets tiring stuck in a shop all day. thanks for your thoughts and keep em coming!
its my dream to be a diver and i dont care what type of diving job I get as long as I get to dive
and im going to cda becuase that was the only school i liked really but it more important to me to become a diver than to be a topside welder any other thoughts you might have shaun let me know thanks
I will check them out but i think it is better to be a jack of all trades plus a master of one topside that is although im sure that wont come into the picture to much. as for schools i was'nt really happy with what i was seeing at other places plus i thought florida would be a good place to start could be wrong though


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