I'm a looking at going to a decent dive school, I've been looking at UnderWater Centre, Fort Willaims Scotland, and DIT in Seattle. Has anyone gone through either school? Any other suggestions? I'm more concerned with the best quality training, and the widest accepted certifications.

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DAI in jersey isnt bad. Im graduating from there on the 23rd. From what iv herd the seattle school isnt all that good and for all of the certifications cost extra, where DAI includes all of the certifications in the tuition (18500) which i think is cheaper in the long run. The lady that runs the school is a real pain in the ass but overall its not bad. Also ive herd the seattle school has had a few casualties over the years.
I hadn't heard about the casualtiesHow long is DAI? How much time do they spend making sure you can do your technical skills correct? Are the instructors very knowledgable?
Im really not sure on any of that. I know they had a casualty not all that long ago with some student using a kirby morgan band mask and thats why we cant use them at DAI.

One of the seasoned instructors at DAI told us that the texas school was ok except they do all of there diving in tanks.

I chose DAI because all of the certifications are included and it ends up a little cheaper than the others and you dive in a quarry appose to in a tank.
Hello, I would also look into The Ocean Corp they are located in Houston Texas.
Did you attend The Ocean Corp? And do you know anything about the Underwater Centre in Fort Williams Scotland?
yes I did attend the Ocean Corp. I do not know if they know anything about UC in Scotland but they are expensive. The ocean corp is 16000 All the schools are about the same but some you get more certs than the others so it is up to you and the money you have to spend.
Also the instructors at the Ocean Corp have years of experience like 20 plus years. Their have been no casualties, and the school is 7 months long and you will be a level 2 inspector as well UT that is. that way when diving is slow you can go right into inspecting. you should check it out.
You will be making a huge mistake going to the Ocean Corp. I hear it is a good school but it doesn't meet the IMCA standard. Only two U.S. schools meet that standard and any other school is a waste of money. It is a gobal economy and more so in the future. For the same mony can can recieve a much higher level of training at DIT or CDA in the States. Any schools in Canada or U.K. are also fine.
I am definately going to a school that offers IMCA cert or recipocates (like DIT and CDA). I couldn't find any large amount of independant reviews for either school or any school so I was hoping to find some advice, and comments from prior students.


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