im going to Commercial Diving Academy, jacksonvill, florida in feb. anybody have anything to say about this school? i cant seem to find anything online about them.

I want some outside info on this school before I drop 26k on it I’m set up to go through the air\mix course and the dive medic training along with the sport scuba instructor all of my gear for the commercial and the scuba side are in this price as is the books and dorm and food expenses wile attending the 7 month course. Am I getting ripped!! Or is this a great school?

Thanks to all that reply!

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Out of your class of 28 how many whent to work right after school? Dose Dusty really help u get a job like he told me?

User "tailingRed" wrote and posted ;


"Out of your class of 28 how many whent to work right after school? Dose Dusty really help u get a job like he told me?"


You want to believe.



well i have to admit dusty did give me my first lead that led to the first of 3 companies i currently work for. if you go get your DMT if you want to go off shore you get a job fairly easy inland dose not give a s*** if your a DMT. and if you push hard enough you can get a job but if you don't show they will just starve you out on shop pay. most got a job but most didn't make it.


Why didn't they make it? Is it because it’s just too hard or is it that it just doesn’t pay enough the first two or three years to cover the lawn payments that you have to start paying on after school?

ive always been an inland diver and I had enough contacts that didn't need it. and FYI just get your SCUBA master diver the instructor is a wait of time you have to get it renued and you have o get instructor insurance, and mu master diver has gotten me everywhere i needed.

what do you mean mu master diver?

naui master diver

cool! thanks for the info! so all-in-all was it worth it did you learn alot that is usfull for the real world or do you wish you had gone to a difforent school?

FIRST THING FIRST Being a "Master SCUBA DIVER" Dosent mean s*** when it comes to the commercial side of things.And DOES NOT QUALIFY You to work as a COMMERCIAL DIVER !!!!!!

All Inland and Offshore companies that are reptuable are going to insure you are properly trained by an accredited school before hiring you.(PADI NAUI YMCA are NOT!!) If your serius about going to a school for diving go to Young memoral in Morgan city La its cheep teaches what you need to start That way in a year from now when you are working at Burger King you wount be out $22000

hey chuck never said it qualifies you to be a commercial diver, it just comes in handy being able to get a job from a dive shop on the off season. god this is why i hate going on these diver Forums you make one comment and every roided bubble blower wants to jump on you.

Well Cody lets just say after 25 plus years in the dive industry anytime I hear or read the word SCUBA and commercial diving in the same paragragh or conversation it makes my neck hairs stand up. But the way you implied it was that it got you work as a commercial diver therefore I jumped on it. I apoligize if it hurt your feelings I also cant figure out how Capt Black is getting away with a $26000 "Instuctor course" for lack of better words as you can do both PADI and NAUI for under 2 grand! and you can get your ADCE/I cert for around $6000 at Youngs Memoral in Morgan City. Please dont take it wrong it Im not saying that being a SCUBA instucter is a bad thing as Ive been teaching for 20 years Im just clarifing to the kid that it is totaly seperate from commercial diving

Ya i know what ya mean whenever i have to explain what i do, someone says there scuba certified and think its the same thing. and it might be a bit of me being sore i payed so much for CDA.


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