I'm looking into getting into the Commercial Diving industry. But from what i've been reading there is no work to go around. I don't know if it's just the people that can't seem to land a job or what. I also get a hunch that some of these guys' posts i've been reading are just a******s and are trying to scare away some of us new guys. I have a lot of ambition to be in this industry. I'm young (21), single and have no kids so why not!? I've quit smoking (not easy to do) and have been exercising daily cause i know i should be in top physical condition for this. I am an excellent welder, which was the main reason i've been looking into doing this. I love to weld but want an adventurous career. 

I'd just like some answers before i get into debt with schooling for this. I'm ready to go all out and get the hell out of Utah and do this. But it's very discouraging to read so many negative stories and remarks from you that have been in the industry or have already been through schooling. 

And the other thing... I have applied for CDA already but i've read from a few posts that it is way to much money to get the required certs. Any opinions on what to do for schooling if i do so?

Thanks looking forward to reading some replys! 


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I have posted this several times on this site.


Do not get taken for $30,000.00 plus, for  a "diving certification", YES I wrote "diving certification" which is WORTHLESS.


The best school for the money is the Norwegian diving school, in Norway, school cost less than $7,000.00 USD, Yes that is SEVEN THOUSAND USD

See URL: http://www.nyd.org/cgi-bin/nyd/imaker?id=538&visdybde=1&akt...

You received upon completion and passing a "DIVING LICENSE" issued by the Norwegian Government.That is REALLY VALID anywhere in the world. Travel, course and living there will not cost anywhere near $30,000.00. The Cla**** are in English.


The Next School to consider is Santa Barbara City College’s Marine Diving Technologies Program


See URL: http://www.sbcc.edu/marinediving/


Cost is / was less than $16,000.00 for NON-Resident.

Cost for Resident was / is less than $5,000.00

See Current Cost and Fees at URL:



Compare these two school to any other, the best value and training is Norwegian Diving School.


Second to look at Santa Barbara City College’s Marine Diving Technologies Program.


In My opinion other "Schools" are a WASTE OF MONEY!


Research, the money You save will be Your Own!

Awesome. I thought i saw that post but i was having troubles finding it again. The Norway and Cali school alone make it worth "getting into the industry". Even if the industry itself is down right now. When things pick up i'd be ready. 


I went to CDA. Didn't care for it while I was there, but learned quite a lot. There's a lot of "b*******" that goes on there as the majority of the student body is all teenagers and early 20-somethings that think its cool to go get f***ed up after hours and just b******* during working hours because "i'm not getting paid" but if you keep your nose clean and pay attention and study then you'll do fine. It is a little costly, living on campus can suck and is expensive, but I cut my living expenses in half by getting a 1br apartment off campus for 500 bucks a month. The living expenses is what can drive the tuition up, but the normal core program is decent for the money. I also used my GI bill benifits to go, and didn't pay a penny. Good thing is that if you did decide to get student loans the payments are like 100 bucks a month. So with anything, you have to take the good with the bad. I'm not saying you should go there because it's the best I'm saying you should do your research and make the choice up on your own. I ended up staying there for a bit as an "instructor" more or less ran the hat room and fixed them up, but I am great friends with most of the staff and still poke my head in from time to time to see how much the students are complaining about these days. 

100 bucks a months isn't bad at all. I'm just worried about finishing school and not being able to find work. Cause it seems like the industry is at a low right now (from doing research). I even emailed a company in Australia to ask how business is out there and to see how "in demand" diving is. They emailed me back. He told me they are a small company that only runs 8-10 divers and he gets around 20 resumes a week from divers all over the world looking for work! Its just a scary thing to get into if theres not work to find. It's my dream to do this but i don't wanna get into a h*** that i can't get myself out of.

Look at the numbers and you can decide if it's a smart investment of your college money. There are approx 5 dive schools in the U.S. DIT, santa Barbra, ocean corp, Cda, and one in jersey. They put approx 20 new tenders out every month so about 100 people looking for work and that's only one month.. Adds up to be a lot of people driving to louisiana looking for work. Now you'll get hired, but will you get enough hours on a check to make it?

I went to DIvers institute in Seattle, had a blast was hired right out of school by tiburon now ranger offshore. Came down to the gulf and have had a good experience. I no longer work for ranger, but not many people do, because there is no work.

I always had work because for these reasons. Neck to the deck as a tender. And always knowing my place as a diver ( not being a hot shot and always setting the next guy up). And never being to proud to take any job.

I think if your a good worker and a likable person you'll always have work... Oh and be smart to many dummies already here.

on top of what Kirby said which is 100% true, I was hired for a job before I even graduated. It's the guys that prove to companies that they WANT this. The one's who say "yeah I'll put in s***ty shop hours for a chance to get out and tend" those are the ones who get picked up. Although there are a lot of divers being pumped out, I know in the 3 cla**** of guys I talk to still, about 60 guys max.. I'd say about 90% of them are working now. Everyone who proved to a company "hey I'm worth it" is doing it. Everyone who's a clown is sitting at home waiting for the Sup to call them back like he said they would. You're only going to get out what you put into it. 


You sound like a dive school instructor or owner trying to encourage people to get into the business. Quite frankly the pay for divers sucks.

It always has, and if the ADCI gets its "SCUBA REG' past anyone, foreigners will be a constant in the GOM and americans will be Retired!

Keep the faith, join "The Divers Association and stay informed with real information, this site had its day, but its become just a hang out where nothing gets done.....

The market is flooded.  I'm a 20 year veteran in the industry and was offered 22 bucks an hour last week.  Now to a young kid with no experience that sounds pretty good.  4 years ago I had a guarantied salary at 72k / year, plus overtime.  So I made about 100k / year.  Then Obama got elected.  No more drilling, no more oil production.  The price at pump has gone up.  I have to work overseas now just to get the bills paid.  

Unless a big Hurricane comes through the Gulf, don't bother, it's not worth the effort or the money.


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