HELP........Thinking of going to Commercial diving school....PLE .HELP.........

im thinking of going to CDA school of jacksonville in FL.Im 32 and im  a plant operater,you no the one that sits on my butt all the time looking at computer screens.....i have been doing that for 2 1/2 years....i been in construction befor that..welding,fab work,rigging,Iron worker.pipe,and so on.but i want to be a Commercial diver really bad  more less a under water welder ,,damn that looks so cool...but i hear bad things on how hard it is to get a job and the pay sucks..I don't want a SCHOOL teacher to tell me that it is all good and that i don't have to worry about anything lmao right ....sure..i live in south carolina and i make about 17 a hour..sitting on my butt..i would like to hear it from the real divers ,how much is the pay for the 1st year..i mean i got bill to.and how much traveling it is.i have a little 6 year old girl,And how hard it is to find a job.ples. tell me befor i try and get a 28k school loan .....BIG step for me ....ty so much..i really want to do this .........but i need to know the facts....ty

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by the way all that work i did was dry land work.....sorry
1-its really hard to get a job right now because there aren't any.
2-offshore tender in the gulf of mexico will make around $15,00/hr +/- for 2,3,4 or 5 years till you've proved yourself.
3-underwater welding requires extra training/certification that must be continually updated, and there just aren't that many u/w welding jobs out there. (urban myth-underwater welders etc.)
4-be ready to be offshore for 90 days + at a time, or like this year maybe 4 or 5 days then nothing again for months and nothing for sure oct-april or may.
5-if you work internationally you cannot commit to your little girl if/when you will be home-or you may get stuck at home (like this year)
6-I've been in the biz over 30 years and times right now for divers are as hard as it gets-no jobs
7-your background will help-but you would be in competition with th 10-20 grads per month that graduate from each of the dozen diving scools in the usa year in and year out-do the math, we are up to our necks in spanking new divers all looking to get a job.
8-how is you welding? pressure vessel? AWS 3.6 u/w?
9-Oh yea-there isn't any work around right now-look through the other forum discussions
i dont have no certs,right now but i can get it i use to mig,tig,stick,i can make any weld if i cant do it i will learn to do it.$15h wow thats realy low for 90 days on a rig.there are dry land jobs coming upin 2 weeks that pay $24h.i thought Commercial Diving would pay way more than that even the school teacher say that your 1st year u will make 64k ????
ooooo heres the school im thinking of going to and they give alot of certs....well they should for 28k and 20 weeks of school lol
User "steven wheeler" wrote and posted;

..."28k and 20 weeks of school"...

You will be WASTING Your Money.

Look around their are MUCH Better Schools for substantial less, much less.

You do not believe me!

..."28k and 20 weeks of school"...

You will be WASTING Your Money.

Look around their are MUCH Better Schools for substantial less, much less.

You do not believe me!


...yeah yeah you maybe right but diving is MUCH MUCH more interesting than setting at a desk
Its a lifestyle little brother, when the work is there, you dive and work your ass off. When it dries up for the year, you do your next best skill to keep the bills paid. THen you start all over again. If you want it go for it. Industry not the schools dictate what you earn. THere are some s***-h*** companies and some great ones. You will experience many of both. Never let another persons opinion sway you from a dream or goal. GO for it, Live it Good or bad, the lessons you learn can never be taken from you..
one thing to consider is the schools death rate.....that school teaches bad habits and a few dangerous ones.....i would consider divers acadamy international...the owner is a pain but she is world renoun known...and is in the record books for divers hall of fame.....when comparing for a school ..these are considerations
I am currently enrolled at divers academy, Tamara Brown is a hardass, but most of my instructors are ex military and seem to know there s*** cold ( as far as my green ass can tell) they do try hard to sell you the dream here, but it was already my dream anyway. I don't know about Florida, but up here we dive a sand quarry with 3-5 feet visibility on good days, which I hope will provide some real work experience, good luck. Tuition here is roughly 23k plus about 4k in gear if you buy through the school (generously marked up)

You have GOT to be kidding me. She downtalks veterans calling us all sneaky and cant be trusted. That vets get everything for free and that we are only good for the GI Bill. Let me know how that 700 dollar dry suit she sells for 2300 works out, or the scuba diver they had teaching a class. What a joke she and her school is. Not to mention there are people who refuse to hire DAI graduates and I dont blame them. 

No one gives away certs lil bro. THose "Certs" will have to be recertified once you do sign on with a company.

DAI does. Retake that final until you pass it seems to be the norm there.


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