Hi welders,
Any suggestions for a good gauntlet glove to use for U/W welding in cold water with a hot water suit setup? We used to get a decent glove from Divex but they don't seem to supply them anymore. I am thinking about a big rubberized or Nytril overglove that might be fairly tough and at least last a week or so. Lot's of work at the waterline in surge = lots of shocking fun... Attached is a diver photo with the current gloves.. Suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

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Try the Showa 660 gloves, fisherman wear them. Good for burning too. If you are in cold water get a bigger size and wear a pair of 2mm superstretch neoprenes under them. Cost about £4 in the UK.
If possible clean it the best you can, like they stated below, I have used hydraulic wire brush cleaners. I use a pair of those super high voltage lineman gloves. Don't forget to tell topside to make it cold...

Dont waste your money. The thick chemical gloves at tractor supply. $5 . For hot water suits. The way to go. With yhour latex gloves as well of course


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