hey i'm a 18 year old student at pda (Professional Diving Academy) i was born to dive been diving scuba since i was 6 to 7 years but i need info wwhen i leave school do i get a job as a diver immediately and wat are my chances of getting a job?????? and i am specializing in welding,burning and cutting......plz help me... 

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What do you mean specializing in welding burning cutting ?
If you can get any mechanical trade under your belt its gonna give you a 1 up on the pony boys that have come out of the big city and never really held a hammer in their hands.
If you mke it a trade do it for a bit and then get into diving or else do it on the side while diving at least you wont be down there saying "Topside what the f*** is a pipe wrench??? Is it the one with the lil spinny thing to adjust it ??"
Any skillz will help pay the billz..... god that was so gay :(
hi thanks man really helpful man....................so i think i going go to a trade school after this course is over and see if i cant get some certifications under my belt....................so i dont look stupid when i get out there.......well what i meant by specializing in a means that im not going be doing anything different which is going to be a bad idea..so ill just do everything ...............
DOnt hold your breath, but dont be discouraged... Get your education. YOu will get work, but do not expect to go there the day you walk out it will take time and alot of foot work. Keep the faith Lil Bro, and learn.....
thanks man............i know it is a trearos road......but its a life commitment to me as i grow i will watch and learn from my elders and never question dere judgement.......thanks for de encouragement man..........
your going to hear this alot so i'll be the frist to tell ya. work is very very slow at the moment,loads of diver out of work. dont rush into anything yet.
Specializing is good, I mean it never hurts, but you gotta also be comfortable being a jack of all trades.
If you just wanna go out there and do welding and cutting work then your gonna go very very hungry.
Also be able to trouble shoot and think on your feet really helps as well because things are always breaking down or going wonky.
As Sean said, its not exatcly boom time under water, and your young so I would reccomend get a trade under your belt over the next couple years and keep feeling out the job market then when its picked up go diving.
ok thanks a lot for the feedback guys............. I've really been hearing that the diving industry as slow down quite drastically at the moment.but i have time..........i just do a lot of land trades over the next few years as Will said and wait until things pick back up again.......thanks for the info guys.......
hey will,

quick question about picking up a trade. if i were interested in tool usage or NDT what kind of trade would you recommend to pick up?

cheers mate
f*cker is probably gonna come armed to the teeth now with Mechanical skills and bump me off a job :s
hahahahah :D
''I just do a lot of land trades''

See you in a few decades dude... You make it all sound so simple lol.
There goes another happy customer at the PDA.
hahaha, yeah I didnt catch that, lol pretty funny
instead of doing alot just try 1 haha. Or like fishfood said see you in 20 :D
dont worry guys i got it made............wen i coming.....i gonna eat everything in de market or die trying................cuz i got like three already which include............rigging,scaffolding,m.e.e.e.t jus got to do some more like welding and stuff.......and be as marketable as possible.....cuz i love de money.....


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