im 18 and looking for info on commercial diving no oh it shall be great give me the real deal no b******* i am working as a heavy machine operator so need be i will save up for school yea i know how much it cost and all the places but heres my questions 1 do i need to move to LA or texas cali or near the shore for offshore diving or for inland do i need to be on the shore or anywhere 2 whats your thought on how often you are gone for offshore and inland 3 is there really any money in commercial diving and how hard is it landing that first job 

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Try reading through the old posts on here.  Also I have 6 days home over the last three months working offshore and yes you will need to be in LA to stand a chance to go offshore.  Good luck and go to the cheapest school you can find.  I would look into the school in Morgan City LA.

good call. i agree


The closer you are to the office the better off your gonna be as a new guy. No one is gonna call the guy that has to travel across the country if they have other options especially if he isn't one of their best hands.


I cant speak about offshore but I was always kept pretty busy working inland. Although finding companies that pay inland is a different matter. I found there were a lot of ragged ass companies who were so tight they would squeak.

It always pissed me off when I would work for a company that was the only one in the region paying divers 25 a hour. You know they are charging out 5000+ a day because there is no one else within 12 hours that can do the work and are paying their guys 200 a day, and cant even provide decent gear. Joke show.

So is there money in it ? There is money in everything, any career out there, you will find an example of people who are well off and others who have struck it rich.

Some guys dive and live like rockstars and some guys dive and hardly make the rent. There is no guarantee that you will make money, its not like some careers where you are gonna be on a gradual upsloping pay scale over the course of your career.

You might get lucky and get on with a company that pays well or you might not.


You gotta go where the work is, the guys I know that have done well diving have moved around a lot. Your gonna be semi nomadic damn near. That's why you hear about guys talking about the stress on the home life not only are you gone lots but you might not live in the same area for more then a few years either.

So yeah, that about the gist of it. I would if I were you think about why you wanna get into diving what your reasons are for it. Be honest about it shoot them back at us. Because if your getting into it for the wrong reasons I cant stress enough how much you ought to reconsider.

That was not a plug, I went to the school in FL. I just work with a bunch of people who went to that school. Nice try though.

Sorry, I'm not talking about you. The guy who started this post. The way some of these articles are written, I cant help but think some are written by Dive Schools trying to get people interested. This guys only other post was in January about becoming a diver. Now all of a sudden he decides to check back and wants to know about pay

I give Francisco S*** because hes getting free advertising and its fun. Lets not make it easy for him.


Ass Hat

Right on, no worries brother.

Will and E long where very informative the other dude nick has a good point about schools trying to convince people but also f***ed up when he said I'm checking in on pay well if you can find a line in that wh*** thing I wrote that says how much do you make or how much can I make you can go down to the west Memphis strip bar and drop sonic coupons and cold change down a hookers thong and still get a free lap dance but back to the point the post i made in janurary hell i dont even remember what it was but thats when i very first caught interest iv been saving and giving my self plenty time to make damn sure this is what I want and I know nobody in the industry so I sound like a noob but thanks to all who posted helpfull stuff but the rest of you I'm sorry but you got to f*** off

You think the forums are rough just wait til you get offshore. I seen 2 tenders quit the biz forever in 1 week after graduating deep sea dive school. One guy said he'd make more selling batteries at Walmart! I didn't have the heart to tell him how much I make. Then there was the tender I pushed over the side, he made it a full week after that! Then he threw all his dive gear over the side and drug up. Good thing Jere Smith was there, he jumped in after the dive gear and we got something out of that tender at least.


You new worms better make yourselves worth something for me to train your dumb a**** cause I'm tired of training you and seeing you drag up. It's not worth it for me to give you all the knowledge I got and see you become some f**got ass safety man after you break out

Nick that's right they come and they go ;)

hahaha, at least wait until he steps on the boat before giving him the gears. The guys asking questions and you guys already have him makin coffee and lighting your smokes for you while you undress. HA!


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