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I was fortunate enough to step right into employment straight out of dive school. Once again fortunate to be involved in a large project expanding Durban Harbour where I've learnt everything I know about the civils industry, which probably isn't much. Two years has passed and I'm not to sure if I'm being a little premature in thinking it's time to move on. Obviously the offshore world is slow at the moment so I'll stick around in civils for a while, still plenty to learn, I'm sure.
Thing is, I would like to make sure my Resume' is firstly acceptable and obviously in the right format, so where do I go from here? Any suggestions?

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yes, from here you turn around and get back to work. cause their isnt s*** going on in the gulf. haha
it's all about where you want to work. what country, what ocean. cal dive is going global now and has steadily been going up in work and profit. yes, it's a slow season right now and forecasted to be even worse next year. it's the same old story about that...the slackers get starved out and the workers get the jobs. scuttlebutt in the shop is that they're trying to have a lot of work in asia next year and the year after. take a look at the uploaded file.
Shot for the response

not to fazed about where i go just want to learn, get some experience, even willing to start off as a tender. the company i'm with has some local projects on so it's all good but local currency doesn't compare to dollars. patience and hard work ahead. is it true that low budget muppets are killing the market at $80 a day? got a school in south africa that's pumping them out.
sorry mate but do you have a contact email for cal dive all i've got is fax and phone.
Sorry mate still looking for the correct format for my CV any ideas
and as far as resumes, i never had one. i just walked in and hired on.
Thanks a lot, appreciate it!
That might help
Cheers mate, appreciated!


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