OH! do you ever find any treasure?

Did you ever have to kill a shark?

Do you underwater weld?



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I have a friend who does diving he is a scuba diver and is quite good.
How about this one - I have advanced open water and rescue diver can i become a commercial diver wit those?
Will you buy the next round?
A lot of the BS stories of some of the " ex special forces" guys and then they get called out on it. Those are classic moments of awkwardness.
lol generally when asked i just tell people I am a plumber... it's just easier that way...
Here is another one when filling out paper work and you need to write down your job, I put commercial diver. So when the person reads it they ask me, So how long have you been driving trucks? I get that every time! LOL
I get that one a lot as well... Then I look at them and slowly and pointedly say nooooooo, I am not illiterate and I can spell pretty well.
if someone asks and i dont feel like going into it: ship repair or heavy construction. that being said some of our guys were on a cruise ship job a while ago and managed to convince some of the staff that they were out of town traveling specialty pastry chefs, even got them to write up name tags and everything.
There is a medicinal use for Bundeberg Rum..........


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