OH! do you ever find any treasure?

Did you ever have to kill a shark?

Do you underwater weld?



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You must make a lot of money...
Do you see anything down there...
How long can you stay underwater...
aha a diver.... With the firedepartment?
How deep do you go...
My brother's a diver (scuba)...
Is that Oxygen?
"Commercial divers make 1000$ a day" -classic...
"monogamy" HA HA HA
is it cold?
do you see anything?
that must be dangerous.
Are you a seal ?
Do you see any sharks ?
Underwater welders really make alot of money dont they ?
Have you ever had the bends ?
How much do divers make ?
Do you get weekends off?
I'm on a dive job on a boat, Are you here to serve them lunch.
Pretty much anywhere i was sent on a job. This is what i got-( Me introducing myself ) Hi im Liz from so n so company im here for the dive job . As they are shaking my hand they are looking behind me, So wheres the diver ?
I get this question every time. Are you the diver? Mind you i am standing in front of them wearing a wetsuit!
Have you ever seen a dead body....
Yadda Yadda - How deep ,how much, how cold , can i take your picture ,the same as the others wrote.
Are you going to be able to go to the big conscert on ----date ? Answer; no I will be called offshore when I least appreciate it and have to mis the conscerts again.
what are you doing; on thursday ____ in about a month/week?
Are you going to be able to make it for _______(holiday)......... 3 frickin' years and you can't understand.
uh..Went 4 a job doin somthn else.. thought an air diver was a parachutist.
It must be fun making your living doing your hobby.
"High Dive? Are you going to the Olympics?"


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