Please keep an eye open for this clown. I keep checking back and he is stealing peoples listings and reposting them with the same information. Please report him as I am when you see this. He uses the same description on all his ads on the bottom.

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Some person hacked into an account of a 73 year old women and she was able to contact Ebay and get it taken care of.

he's back is he, two yrs ago now i was in the market for a used hat, and was all but ready to press the button then one of my boys said some thing to me. so i contacted ebay they said its a fraud, and removed it but he was back again the following day.

that was more than lucky for me.

This guy wont give up. He puts multiple hats up at one time and says to contact him before bidding. He has a 37 on ebay right now with a starting bid of 100 but you can buy it now for 2000.00. 

They removed the guy and now their is a 47 like brand new up with a buy it now price of 2999.00. This guy just wont quit. I asked the guy for a pic of the serial number and no response. here is the listing

I asked for the serial number on the 47 and the guy gave me one back. I checked, its not stolen. Hat is like brand new. sold for 2999.00. Someone got a sweet deal if its legit  The 37 was a scam and was removed right after I turned him in


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