Doing some General research! You remember the 200.00 government hammers? Look what I found today!!

Looking at "Public pages " Posted by most of the larger Diving Companies has explained the leading reason for the extream drop in divers wages and the death of a large number of smaller companies. Do you know what your boss charges for your labor and risk of death?

Ex: (these are real numbers)


                        Shop Hr   Onshore 8hr min Offsh 12hr min    Overtime Hrly


Superintendent  $ 72.00        $ 576.00             $ 1,090.00          $ 108.00

Diving Supervisor 67.00            536.00               1,015.00             101.00

Welder Diver *     60.00           480.00                   914.00               91.00

NDE Diver**        56.00           448.00                   848.00               84.00

Diver                 55.00            440.00                   828.00               82.00

Diver/Tender      38.00            304.00                   575.00               57.00

Tender              34.00            272.00                   515.00               51.00   

Look at your check before taxes and the difference is what you should be taking to the bank!


Per Day

Stretcher, (Required for U.S. Army Corp Jobs)................................................... $ 46.00

Oxygen Respirator, (Required for U.S. Army Corp Jobs) ...................................... 72.00

Gas Free Analyzer, Confined Space Entry .......................................................... 130.00

EMT Kit.................................................................................................................. 20.00

(stuff that should already be in the locker makes more money per day than a dive team gets paid!)

The reality gang! not all companies are doing this to their customers but the biggest (ADCI know the meaning of the abbreviation) are making more money on a case of bandages and machines than we make in a month!

Another benifit of pushing this wh*** ADCI "Were for the Diver Crap we keep hearing. From the standpoint of a business owner, I couldnt sleep at night knowing my people couldnt feed their kids but today I just earned enough to buy 5000 grinding disks and a Caddy!

Am I wrong, Ive heard of marking up a few things to cover "Overhead", but I have always passed the labor profit to my workers.

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We are listening attentively, but the biggest proplem is the students being spit out of ADCI schools. what alot of peoplein this business dont understand is that the ADCI is a UNION (they say association) within themselves. Students totally miss the word TENDER on their card, and are being allowed to dive knocking skilled divers out of the rotation which puts more money in the pockets of ADCI UNION Members. We are open to positive input. Myself and several others have already guaranteed being blackballed by using our real names and photos, however Real Men do not hide in shadows they face the problem and issues in the light. Most arent that brave. SO speak away we will listen and give feedback maybe some of these guys will grow balls and stand up instead of just speaking out. and keeping their head down accepting the chicken scratch that is way below their skill.
Divers and their support personnel can have a union, and negotiate for the pay and benefits that they want and find suitable for this unique industry. Contractors aren't the enemy, they just take advantage of the surplus supply of divers and support crew, it would be hard not too.

But if they had to negotiate with a group of top personnel and signed an agreement stating that they would only hire said personnel than consequently they would do what ever they had to, to keep production up and running. The problem of excess personnel is cured with an apprenticeship school where you provide the training that is determined by both parties to be sufficient, and from there forward you control how many people enter the business, not Dive schools, and that answers the problem of excess labor supply.

We all know there will be no standards in this industry as long as there is a steady supply of people brought in to displace anyone who wants to improve their lot in this business!!!!

Ill say it again, step one analyze and quantify the market, how much work is there? Step two, identify the key personnel that cant be replaced with some kid fresh out of scab camp, who can only say "Get er done" Step three, create a lucrative pay and benfit system that suits the nature of the industry, the people who work in it, and the contractors to an extent. Step Four, pitch the idea to the Key personnel, keep no records of who you contact, so no one can be black balled and then file for an election when you have enough votes.

Now is the time because many people who would other wise be unwilling to even consider creating a "union" now have nothing to lose in trying, fore what can you lose if you are denied the opportunity to work for pennies with no retirement nor good health if you stay in the rodeo long enough.

This obviously is a lot harder than it sounds, but it can be done if you come up with a plan that the "key Personnel" think is achievable.

Now if anyone would like to contact me here or anywhere else you can send me an e-mail, or send me a message, if its possible, and I will post a picture up shortly, over

Good Day gentlemen


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