Where can I get DMT training and certification in California or Western US? I'm not working yet but wanna take the course to make myself more attractive to potential employers. Any and all advice would truly be appreciated.

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I am going to Honduras to get my DMT.
they only offer it twice a year though-Hyperbaric training asssociates.
Do I have to go outside the US for this class? They don't have anyplace here to get certified? How much is it to get certified?
No cause they won;t pay ya
dive schools offer it. best way is to let your company pay for it once you're hired on.
Thanks... but I'm having a hard time getting hired. Any advice? I've snail-mailed and emailed resumes to every company under the sun. Is personally knocking on doors any better with the current outlook in the Gulf or am I just screwed until next year? You'd figure that with 2000 hrs of training I should have no problem getting hired.
Leason bro. it dosn't matter how many hrs. of training you have.You still have zero exp. Things are real slow right now if you don't all ready have your foot in the door some where.
Do you have any idea how many calls they get every day from people just like your self and a pile of resume proabley a foot high some where on some bodys desk..If you really want to play ball..You got to get your ass down on the field..That means stop trying to get a real mans job from your coutch..You'll never get any respect that way..Good luck
Just what I needed to know. I guess I'm off to Louisiana... or Texas... or somewhere down there. Thanx for the advice.
without experiance, your worthless
Can't get experience if you don't get a job. It's like the chicken and the egg thing, in a Fellini sorta way.


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