I currently live in Cape Town and dive in saudi

We are planning to move to canada next year, Halifax Nova Scotia

Does anyone know where to do the off-shore survival refresher course and where the dive doctors are for the annual medical


Also, I will be looking for work in Canada, anyone have any tips? what companies/areas to avoid, pay rates to expect, maybe even companies looking for divers.



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they are based out of dartmouth


hardest thing about the course was being hung over

edit: sorry just checked the web page and all the links dont work.

BST in St. John's, NL (half hour plane ride from halifax) at the Marine Institute


You can also do it in Lafayette Louisiana and in Scotland. Not sure on the names though.

Hi Tyrone,


If you wish to work on the east coast of Canada, you must apply for your DCBC ticket(Diver certification

board of Canada) fill out the forms and send money according to what category of certificate required (Check

DCBC web site and included are the list of approved doctors) , concerning the offshore survival a HUET

top -up is required for the east coast (a small scuba cylinder with a demand regulator is used instead

of a rebreather bag) if you already have a OPITO & OLF course, there is one centre in Nova Scotia and one in Newfoundland.

I was wondering about that DCBC ticket, I figured that IMCA might be good enough, but I will get whatever papers they want me to - just give me a job please!!!

is there a different survival course for cold water areas, I heard something like that

hey Tyrone,


there are 2 types one based more for Tropical and then what we all know.. reason being is all of our guidelines are "based" off the north sea provisions.  Cold water suits , etc etc etc.

Your best bet is that if you know when you are arriving in Canada start the paper work ahead of time and maybe try getting it sent to a family or friends address to fast track the process.

Like Pierre said, check the DCBC site and go from there in aspects of this item.  In regards to work, best of luck lots of guys on the beach and buying for inshore work to tide themselves over right now.

best of luck



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