I did a Freedom of Information Act request of the US Coast Guard on all Commercial Diving Deaths in the US since 1990, nothing but the numbers. I am finding it hard to deal with what I recivied. (See attached PDF) The number since 2001 is 196

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HEY F***NUT!! what bug crawled up your ass and died.


all im saying is a friend of mine who was working in the GOM was on a crew where s*** went bad, not making any claims just putting the word out... s***,.. chill the f*** out!


doesnt sound like hear say to me;

Flynn this is one time Ill wave our $100 bet!!
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Yea aint it great
I think you all have lost your f***ing minds, three man dive teams for pleasure craft hull cleaning are you for real? it is one thing if you are cleaning Hulls of big ships like Navy or oil tankers were you can get lost under it,but most small craft can be done on breath holds with out compressed air. A lot of the divers that clean hulls for small crafts don't think of them self as a commercial divers just a hull cleaners. I started cleaning hulls way before I went to dive school I had a basic Scuba CV and I would work all day by my self and with a friend sometimes, if you think diving under small craft with a three person dive team you will be broke as in no f***ing money how do you pay a three person dive team on a $1.00-$1.50 per foot of craft? Oh every one thinks the person who owns the craft should pay more for the service, wow that sounds like a money hungry Corporation looking for more money from people kind of like ADC! My next "?" would be do any of you even own a boat and know what it cost's to keep a boat and fuel a boat or keep it in a slip. There are some people who own boats and do not have a penny to spare.
totally agree.  anyone who works on small boats knows you have a ceiling on what you can charge for services.  usually this is determined by what the haul out rate is, competition, and customer base.  3 people on hull scrubs is ridiculous!  i do understand the concern of divers starting out cleaning boats, gaining some experience, and then overloading their a**** on more challenging jobs.  this happens in every field of labor!  i bet there are alot of people on this very forum who have turned some not so text book side hustles on weekends or evenings.  relax yall, barnacle dave is not gonna put you out!  besides the work is there if you want it, compete against them on a professional level, bring your skills and practices and rule it!  true professionalism will always prevail.
To my knowledge...there has been no separation of Commercial diving fatalities and Recreational divers. A more accurate and informative list is being compiled by the USCG.

Great find Lincoln!

Thanks posting it




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