I did a Freedom of Information Act request of the US Coast Guard on all Commercial Diving Deaths in the US since 1990, nothing but the numbers. I am finding it hard to deal with what I recivied. (See attached PDF) The number since 2001 is 196

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What do you think ACE. about 5 man crew on hull cleaning and should the size of the vessel matter.? Should the dive company and owner of any vessel that hasn't been in dry dock to receive the same service have to submit a report to the coast guard ?
Good God Blaine you had to ask!
Starting off as a hull scrubber back in the '70's (first by hand then hyd brush) I basicly realize this has envolved into a complex question that needs complex solutions.
Just so you know I like things to be simpler and strait forward so the intent isn't a mystery for me this works. As a diver of today we find ourselves in a World that runs at a faster pace and has moved into a more rules on top of rules and a litigitious state so it is really hard to keep it simple. Too many divers competing for too few jobs or another way to say it too many overtrainned divers with too little experience most all coming down to the water with semi pressing financial goals and needs.
You asked so here it is I dont have all the answers and its real easy these days for lines and boundrys to become crossed weather intention or not. So just like a pie there are 360 degrees that make it a wh*** pie and all of the water users are coming for a bite out of it. That's what is coming into play here.
So we realize that there exists different levels of commercial diving work going on here. The question is how do we sort out and regulate these activities. Now we have that picture established.
Jeez! I hate these long winded things but my answer kinda goes like this for marina hull cleaning on yachts and small work boats a 5 person dive crew is not needed so 2 may be ok safety wise 3 would always be better. For operations using hyd brushes 3 man min. would make sence. For operations requiring complex work like rudder change outs, large prop replacements , Prop polishing 3 men needed, vessel salvage at least 5 man crew. OSHA rules adheared to.
Marina hull scrubbers are not on the top level in commercial diving and should be treated as such unless they have gone to a commercial Dive school they just arent completely trainned.
Opps forgot to answer your question on vessel size-yes size of vessel should matter.

Last question-The Coast Guard requires a Certified passenger caring vessel to meet its requirements and has requirements as to how often it has to be inspected in and out of the water, even with that it can vary and yes it most definately requires doc**ented inspection paperwork.
In conclusion we are talking about intent of whats what and looking for real time solutions here.That is all that comes to mind for the moment.
You got to pay your dues in this business-no fudging, no sneveling.
This is just my opinion Blaine. Now do you have any easy'er less complex questions ? Hey thanks for asking (I guess).
What the F**. you go underwater, you work, you get paid thats a commercial diver. Whats all this bull s*** about lets exempt this or that from the rules. Would you like to see the picture of the chopped up SCUBA diver that went through a ships prop? Thats all that was left of him and all I could find, he fit in a 5 gal. bucket.
Or the contract SCUBA diver that ran out of air inside a sunken ferry boat and died. No fingernails clawed them off on a bulkhead.
The dive company they worked for PARKER DIVERS,REDWOOD SHORES,CA. Parker received no OSHA fines because divers were contract divers and not on payroll as employees.
Dead all the same.
I hate to beat a dead horse but most of you wanna be divers will cut each others throat to get in the water.
The profession has gone to hell and you ass h***s let it. so quit complaining and do something about it.
Ya talk the talk lets see you walk the walk.
There I have vented. now up on the jet hose and stay off the coms Im going to take a snooze.
Flynn.. there is no way you read my post carefully.and certainly not with right attitude. Cuz I was agreeing with a comment you seemed to be making about guys that only do hull scrubbing equating themselves with divers that have a larger skill set. The way we got on this subject was a brother who does hull scrubbin said in his opinion there should be a exception on the 5 man dive crew for hull scrubbin. So I believe most of us were finding a consensus on when and if that was necessary based upon conditions ,size of the boat and DIVER SAFETY . Thats what this Thread is about DIVER SAFETY UNNECESSARY DEATH AND ACCIDENTS .Yes I was educated by a lot of what you wrote when you weren't being a CLOT . Actually it was in spite of you being a clot. The issue here is Safety in general and with regards to Hull scrubbers it was about creating and system of check and balances that the guys who are only capable of doing small boats do only small boats. I have never done hull scrubbing ,nor did I claim to, that is why I asked Ace. If you read that and thought you were making a discovery I got another one for ya. That small object you been hearing rolling around in your head . It's your brain.. Stay on point man The thread is about changing the patterns that get divers killed it's not about anything else
We just funnin .I don't take that seriously.I doubt Flynn does. But I do want to hold him to the free equipment rental he said.

I respect everybody . and I do learn a lot from Flynn , even when he's running me down ..haha
You might want to do a little more research on Fred before you make those kind of statements like that-just sayin.
Check Please!
Roger,roy,dale & trigger ! thats a good one. Hows it going Will ? Are you able to stay buisy ? Sure hope so.
hey ace, I sure am mate. Although at the moment im still taking a step back from diving and trying to get my welding certifications in order so Im just a welder at the moment. Cant complain though we have spent the last few weeks up here in NorthWestern Canada building a new pellet mill from the ground up. Its a pretty intresting job with lots of things going on so its not just day after day of burning rods. Sometimes there is some bolt work to do, lots of fabricating and cutting sections to make good fits, running some equipment and other such general construction activities hahaha. Nope cant complain its quite good. Im hoping to get back in the water though in the spring or so. Cant wait for spring, the only crap thing about this job is that now it being winter either we are cold because it gets to -25 celcius sometimes or when it stays around -0 too -10 we get really wet becuase its not cold enough for the snow to really freeze and dry out.
How have you been Ace mate ?
Good Will I'll send you a personal message look at the upper side of this page to view what I send you called inbox messages

s*** just hit the fan, +1.

about 3 days ago:

lost comms, found in a hundred feet of water with his hat off. happened down in the gulf.


RIP, my absolute and sincerest of condolences.



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