Hello everyone, I am new to this site and new to this type of work.  I have done my research and I am still convinced I want to get into commercial diving.  I have about 18000 saved up and qualify for financial aid if needed.  I have narrowed my schools down to 4 and was wondering if you all could help me decide what ones to go visit next month.  I also noticed that some offer certain certificates.  what certificates would you recommend right out of dive school so I can work anywhere in the world.  The schools I chose are Holland College in Prince Edward Island in Canada, Commercial Diving Academy (you know where it is), Commercial diving institute In Seattle, WA and the last one is the dive school at Louisiana Tech (Morgan City).

Thank you for your help.  

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I have posted this several times on this site.


Do not get taken for $30,000.00 plus, for  a "diving certification", YES I wrote "diving certification" which is WORTHLESS.


The best school for the money is the Norwegian diving school, in Norway, school cost less than $7,000.00 USD, Yes that is SEVEN THOUSAND USD

See URL: http://www.nyd.org/cgi-bin/nyd/imaker?id=538&visdybde=1&akt...

You received upon completion and passing a "DIVING LICENSE" issued by the Norwegian Government.That is REALLY VALID anywhere in the world. Travel, course and living there will not cost anywhere near $30,000.00. The Cla**** are in English.


The Next School to consider is Santa Barbara City College’s Marine Diving Technologies Program


See URL: http://www.sbcc.edu/marinediving/


Cost is / was less than $16,000.00 for NON-Resident.

Cost for Resident was / is less than $5,000.00

See Current Cost and Fees at URL:



Compare these two school to any other, the best value and training is Norwegian Diving School.


Second to look at Santa Barbara City College’s Marine Diving Technologies Program.


In My opinion other "Schools" are a WASTE OF MONEY!


Research, the money You save will be Your Own!

Joseph is right on the mark take his advice, best deal and the best schools.

The quality of training is what counts not just the price. The more you know the longer you live.

The other alternative is rob a store in California and get your ass thrown in prison, then you can attend our Chino Diver program which is 2,540 hours of training.

Do the other schools have access to tall blond Norwegian girls? or Tanned blond California girls?


Awesome! Thanks for the info. I do have some questions regarding the Norwegian  Dive School though.  What makes their  dive certificates better than the other schools?  other than the fact that you can obtain them for significantly less and one if them is strictly for norway.

I see that they offer a part 1 off shore diver course.  here are the certs the student gets after her/she graduates:

  1. PSA (Petroleum Safety Authority Norway) Offshore Part 1 (Internationally recognized by i.e. IMCA, HSE, NDC)
  2. NLIA (Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority) Inshore Part 1
  3. IDSA (International Diving Schools Association) Offshore Level 3


They are also the only school I have looked into that offers the TUP course.  Is this something exceptional for employees to look at when hiring?

I plan on calling this school next week and asking questions, but do you know if the job outlook after completing the Norwegian dive school is better?  

My final question; and sorry if its a dumb question but I was looking on their site and I did not see anything about welding.  Is it just implied that all commercial dive schools teach you to weld?

thanks a lot


Dive school taught me to weld like my english teacher taught me to write in cursive. I think we did a day or 2 of practice then welded 2 plates together for a test and that was it. I can do it but it looks like s***. In 12 years of diving I've been on 3 welding jobs.


If you are an American, I'd stay in the states, at least for the first few years, I'm not too thrilled about working overseas when your rack operator, crane operator and tool pusher all speak different languages. I've never needed an IMCA card but rarely work out of our swimming pool (if they want you overseas, they'll sort it out). I've never even heard of some of those certs and besides, most certs you get you can just cross out your name, put someone else's in there and they will be a deep sea diver too (true story).


lol and JMayo is a negative Nancy, that's classic!

interesting. I thought welding had a lot to do with it.  that's good news for me though.  More maintenance and whatever else there is to be done.  I hear welding takes a life time to master.


"What makes their  dive certificates better than the other schools?"

Internationally recognized by i.e. IMCA, HSE, NDC, PSA (Petroleum Safety Authority Norway) Offshore Part 1, NLIA (Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority) and every other Governing Agency out side of the USA.

The ADC / ADCI Certification is WORTHLESS outside the USA. There is NOT One Out Of the USA Government Agency or Regulatory Agency that recognizes an ADC ADCI Certification,

As on Longstreath, see http://www.longstreath.com

Ask if an ADC / ADCI would be "recognized" outside the USA.

Ehhhh I would wait till another hurricane before going to school. Right now you'll start off at 14/hour and you MIGHT MIGHT make 25-30k your first year. You might work 1-2 weeks on then off for a month. Or 1-3 days then off for 5 then back on for 3 just depends on weather (reason why I hate 4-points). There's alot of other skilled trades out there that are dying for workers and you'll stay busy year round (pipe welder,pipe fitters etc)

Jmayo, ive been reading your posts and you are a negative Nancy.   I'm just looking for some adventure, a cool job/skill and hopefully can land a decent job/career within 2-3 years.  I am prepared to have s*** jobs at first.  I am really good at having s*** jobs and am good at having fun while doing them.  If I don't make it within 3 years...maybe ill find something different.  

thanks for your input though

Hey I'm right there with you Andy. I'm on search for info on the schools and I believe CDA and NYD are my two choices of schools now. And depeneding what happens financially by the end of this year, and I don't go to CDA then NYD it is in March. But I'm glad you asked this cause I've been looking everywhere for more recent reviews and thoughts on schools and people experience and what they thought was best. You'll have to let us know what school you choose and how it goes. I myself will be really interested just to get another new persons perspective on it as I'm sure others will like to hear about it too. But Jmayo. It really depens on the person, what they're expecting out of this career and their motivation. I'm sure Andys a hard worker and as for myself. I just need to get into this field because it's everything I want to do and I completely expect to work s*** jobs for a while until I finally start proving myself through hardwork and making my way up. That's how life and jobs work..... But yeah anyways. All info on schools would be great. Haha

Patrick, I've done some more research and I've ruled out CDA.  Mainly because it seems like its the poster school for commercial diving.  it also seems like its everyone's pick without research.   I just received their brochure in the mail and i felt like I was being sold with pretty pictures and glossy pages.  

NYD sounds like a great choice right now.  For me it works because its 4 months, you sleep with everyone else and you learn in some challenging conditions, especially starting in November.

 I just got a letter from the financial aid office at TheOceanCorporation in Houston about financial aid and I think im going to visit them in the near future.  Ill let you know how it goes. 

 the school in Seattle is way to much money for me (21000 all together). also, you have to find your own living arrangement's.  This seems like a hassle.  

If anyone can tell me about their experience at Morgan City i would appreciate it.  also, if anyone could tell me about the dive school in Prince Edward Island that would be cool too. 

On another note, i was talking to this Swiss lady at the dog park and she told me that the Norwegian girls are stereotypical tall and blonde.  She left out the big tits part lol,  but who doesnt like tall blonde norewgian babes?  count me in. 

also peter, since you're willing to go out of the country, I would look into south africa.  Ive been reading that its a great school.  I havent done my research on it mainly because its in south africa.  im not sure why this turns me off but it does. I will not be going there. 

good luck on your research and let me know what else you find. 


Hey Andy
I'm thinking about NYD in November also.... Do you know if they have accommodations at the school or do you have to stay in town??

good luck, see you out there.


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