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I want to buy a new drysuit and I have some options, but I can't seem to make my mind.  What do you suggest? Here is the link of the page of them http://www.scuba.com/scuba-gear-19/Dry-Suits-Dry-Suits.html

Personally, I would love the Bare Nex-Gen Pro.  But I will stick to your recomendations.



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I must agree the BEST Dry suit for the money is a Northern Diver Thor. I have  have owned many Viking suits since  the 1980's. Northern Diver Thor is the best value for Your money.

I wouldn't have a Northern Diver neoprene suit even if someone else is paying for it. Cheap suits knocked up in China. They used to be the toughest suits you could buy, now you couldn't even say they were dry and the build quality is rubbish. I use Predator neoprene suits. Others I would consider are O'Three or Otter, not cheap but you get what you pay for.

Any Neoprene Dry suit is a joke.  Maybe you could call them "semi-dry".  You need Latex cuffs to stay DRY!  I can do 5 hours in my Viking, in the coldest of water, at any depth. (after 5 I find to need to piss and get a sandwich/coffee).  With a Neoprene suit, you have to much floatation.  You end up needing too much weight and wind up exhausted.  The Thor is a very well made Vulcanized Dry suit that is indeed made for the working diver.  If I dove daily in cold water, it would be the Thor all the way.  I live and work in warmer climates, so I rarely need the benefits of a dry suit, so my Viking is just fine.  

Hollydiver has been running some good deals for real divers.  Give him a try.

Bare has a Lifetime Guarantee on all there products. I have a D6 and never had a problem with it. Neoprene has kept me warm even when I was diving in the Bering Sea in the winter time. DUI is great, If you have the cash...

seriously brooks-  made to measure, pockets kevlar knees and elbows as well as piss zippers and over cuff $1100-1600


do it


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