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I want to buy a new drysuit and I have some options, but I can't seem to make my mind.  What do you suggest? Here is the link of the page of them http://www.scuba.com/scuba-gear-19/Dry-Suits-Dry-Suits.html

Personally, I would love the Bare Nex-Gen Pro.  But I will stick to your recomendations.



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You might want to look at KME drysuits. He makes a good one and stands behind it, they are made to order. Not cheap but they last.

i would suggest a neoprene drysuit. trilams are nice and all but they dont have any insulative properties.  I dive a Bare D6 pro which was not too expensive and keeps me mighty warm.  Also remember to always wear chaffing gear over your suit and it will last you for years.


Im also getting a new drysuite iv opted for the northern diver origin google it they expensive but heavy duty

I'd stick to Northern Diver all the way.

Here comes the plug.

Check out https://www.theholydiver.com/index.php?cPath=65_16_53

If you interested let us know what you like. I'll hook up a deal for you.



I personally like vulcanized rubber suits.  They are expensive but with proper care they will last years.  Also  you can make repairs quickly in the field.   I also have an Abyss kevlar coated neoprene suit that I'm quite fond of as well.  Good, tough, suit that can take on some cold water.
my pref is gates pro HD now made by viking easy to clean and repair.

brooks wetsuits sells custom fit measured over the phone tough ass drysuit to commercial guys for great rates.


call chuck, get a real suit.

Yeah for sure dont buy a drysuit that doesn't take custom deminsions.

Although most do. Look for a good warranty

BAre C-4.

I got a Bare last year and hated it. I went back to my DUI cf-200(?) aqua seal experiment. DUI, is a working divers suit. Unless they went to crap like so many other products. Blew a seal on DUI and after a couple dives the Bare broke in and it fit fine. I have a feeling it IS actually a really tough suit.

DUI if you can afford it, and are still making the same suit

Bare if you want to save a little $ on a quality suit, but they are creeping up with the other suits in price.

I also had 2 Oneill drysuits at one time and rotated them. Kinda disposable and cheap


*Both of these suits I would consider commercial/construction diver quality*

The Northern Diver Thor is the best one out there.  Viking a close second.  You can usually find a lightly used suit on Ebay.  The kids that go to commercial school up in New Jersey are always selling off their suits.  


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