some of the vids show the guys with she bailout upside down wondering what pros and cons are of up vs down

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Hey Chuck, to D ring a bailout and keep it between the legs is something we never considered but is actually not a bad idea. If the job permits, we hook on 2 umbillicals to the hat if the h*** we need to crawl thru is to small. French lockdoors have really small manh***s, always a b**** to squeeze in and out one of those.
Never thought of that. Not asking to be dumb or make an insult. Do you use two seperate gas systems IE comp/ rack or bottled air ("K" Bottle)? The trick to the D ring concept is to remove the valve from the bottle and install a brass or stianlees ring (2 1/2 " dia.) with a lanyard and clip over the neck and reinstall the valve. I got the idea from some of my buddies that cave dive in Fla many years ago. But as everything else it has its uses just not on all aplications
hey Chuck, yeap both umbillicals have always their own separate supply.
In our trucks we have fixed 50l steel bottles equiped with brass DIN 1e stage reducers with a quick release fitting to the umbillical. If we dive from containers we use LP compressors or racks with 50L tanks as backup and an HP compressor in the back just in case to fill the 50L tanks.
I'm from the bottle down school. I always dove with my bottle off, on at the hat. We charged our whip from the bottle, had the tenders snoop everything, then off at the bottle, on at the hat. I always used a Sherwood first stage. They bleed a little gas through a rubber plug in the environmental port to keep the trash and sugar sand out. I always figured I could reach either valve easily with the bottle down, and if I blew a whip, I wouldn't loose the contents of the bailout. I've lost air twice diving deep air. never lost gas, surface or sat. The sup always was quick with the pnuemo when I lost air.
You would have to add an additional valve or have a quick disconnect. I can only remember in the 25+ yrs in this game seeing a umbilical being severed once. But the fact is the more redundancy/back up the better!! I like the idea but I bet the tenders day would suck having to manage two hoses though!!

Over here all connections on the panel (exept HP), umbillical and hat are quick disconnect fittings. A bit like hydraulic fittings with a safety catch. If the job requires 2 umbillicals, we duck-tape the first 15ms with a 3m interval together.


No extra 30cf, but if in the unlikely event, if there is time, we can always jump the st/by with an extra umbillical and disconnect the compromised umbillical at the fouled divers hat. (This never happened before)
It all depends what can go wrong. I'm not familliar with pipe inspections in Florida. Over here in France it always worked out and was safe practice.
I like the idea too about having a bailout hangin on a D-ring like a cave diver. I can imagine when hatches close for some stupid reason and umbillicals are stuck a bailout would come in handy.
Ya, love them Sherwood brute first stages. There is one on my bottle and in 2.5 hrs on my back.

If you go thruogh your wh*** system then your bottle on makes pefect sense. As Flynn mentioned about the tender not checking the "0" ring seal and the bottle had a very slow leak. Honestly its not uncommon here in florida (warm water) to dive a 6-8 hrs shifts wet, especially in cofferdams. Its usually on dives like these where I see bottles showing major air lossage and even saw a 30 filled with water. I guess the hardest thing for me to do is leave my tender in charge of checking my gear before I go 450' up a 30" pipe. When I am on deck I pesonally make the diver check his own gear. I dont belive in trusting a greeney checking anybodys bottle.

Also Flynn, your right about guys down here doin dumb $%#^ .I know 3 guys that have died . Always the same story------------ no comms, no back up air of any kind, usually on a brownies with jack browns, no commercial training.......... I hate pullin out bodies. Anyway I have only worked with ADCI companies down here. We get the call to remove the bodies-------------BAD JUJU

Mike, I always wanted to dive sat... maybe one day....
yup. Never herd of you. been local for around 12 years...WeldTech? What kind of work are yopu guys doing?
Good to hear someone else has our local indusry in mind. I have only been with my new company for a little over a year. They are an underground company with all the right papers ( you know what I mean). I worked for I.D.C. for little over 10 years. Loved the company and the owners. Hated the guy they put in charge. Typical glory, bonus, job... stealing son of a b****. But I left 'cause I was tired of staring at the top of the ladder with no room to grow. Got to much modivation for that. As for my bidding , well I came up with a method to clean and capture the material in pipe very quikly. I pride myself as an inovatore.

As far as weather we have met. It is a small world , but I have very little time to relax in a bid meeting. I try to be directly on my sites and still dive at least 20-30 hours a week. I specialize in cofferdams,power plants, some ship work and drainage.

It would be great to hang out sometime and shoot the s***. I live in Pompano and know most of the divers around the area. Most have fled due to the lack of work and work offshore now. This is the first time I have done any bloging or anything like this. I am really enjoying this.

Were you the guys helping do the cable pull at 5st. bridge in the Miami river? If so then we have met. My diver has messed up my posting page and now his picture comes up..... He is one of my best friends and a hell of a diver but is always playing around.
If you dive by HSE rules and regs like the best divers in the world from the UK, bailout up and on at the bottle, always! Flynn you're just another american thinking your way is better then everyone elses, shut your h***!
Here comes the s*** storm...
Scott could you perhaps post those HSE "Rules and Regs" that partain to proper wear of the bail out bottle? Showing us all once and for all in black and white. :) And dont mind FLYNN its completely normal for closet h***sexuals to go right to h***erotic hystarics and vulgarity if you do anything but agree with them on a topic. Its just his way. We still love him though and for the record since he and I are both fellow Americans when the fecal matter strikes the oscillating ceiling unit Im taking sides with him to wipe out all the pansy europeans and other lower forms of life on earth. ;) GOD BLESS THE USA! *bailout bottles down 4 life cholos!*


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