Talked to some old school guys at work and they said after year and a half I could break out a a SAT diver!? Any info this is what I want!!!!

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My favorite line from the brilliant Mr Jere Smith (so brilliant he drilled speed h***s in his radiator on a new car):


"Sat divers are gas divers that can't get their work done on time"


I hope to God my bell partner has more than a year and a half in the water, I heard some hurricane babies pulled it off but they were turning tenders into supervisors we were so busy back then. Now we got a bunch of worms in lofty positions that think they are hot s*** because they got a worthless promotion so fast. I heard a guy brought his parrot into sat but that don't make the parrot a proffesional diver.

How long did it take you to get there?

I started in 2000, Started getting offers to go in sat about 2008, not because I knew someone in the can or the sat sup, but from years of good, consistant surface dives. But I work for small companies and most don't have a sat system. ofc I've seen guys with the same amount of experience as me that can't operate a flange spreader too, so it all depends on how well your sea daddy takes care of you ;P

Year and a half to be in sat? ha

You got 5 years of tending left buddy

Your already at a small company that doesn't do sat so when you move to a company that does at you'll start at the bottom again..

Most likely you'll be a "diver" for 3-4 years before they even let you do sat.

So keep a goal of 10years :)

P.S.. Don't listen to alot of the guys out there. There just blowing smoke up your ass then laughing at you.

I heard if you make a good enough sandwich, you can get into SAT in a year!!!

Seriously though. This is a profession. It is a trade. It takes time to learn and develop. You're worrying about what matters least. Tie knots with your eyes closed. Be the first to step up for the dirtiest task. Smile while you eat s***. Wash the gear better than anyone else. Do these things and someone on some job might decide you are worth teaching.

Yeah, and if you get a pilot's license, in year or two some one will want you to fly their 747!
A lot of opportunities in this job come from being in the right place at the right time. That being said, you are not a candidate for sat after a couple of years offshore. Getting tossed in the can or even into rotation before you're ready can kill your reputation as a diver. Before you're a good candidate for sat you should have worked as a diver on every kind of offshore project; tie ins, risers, pipe lay, hot taps, end connectors, jacket install and salvage, etc...
Figure 5 to 10 years after break out unless you're lucky and talented. Don't expect the supervisor to walk you through everything. "You're only as good as your last dive" still applies.

Well I'm Sarting from the bottom then. I'm mud jetting now pretty fast in the water so far. I know I have a lot to learn and I'm ready. I'll take any job and do whatever is offered for me to do in the water! I stay humble and am always ready to listen and learn.
And not to brag but I replaced a diver out here and the supervisor said we are getting way more production with me.

What part of not to brag was that? Its not the speed its the quality that counts.


Did I mention high quality? Look I understand all of you " old guys" are intimidated by a new young handsome gentleman like myself, but don't try to crush my dreams. A lot of divers I've met so far are lazy complaining women I know I'll be on top soon just gotta do my time. Have a great day ladies;)

More like Narcissistic, Fred.

This person may have NPD.

Nitrogen Phosphorus Detector...... No I don't have one not into chromatography


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