I found a link but it looks fishy like spam ware deal . I dont have nat geo

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have you checked out hulu?
just a couple of excerpts
here u go. this is the one i used and it came out sweet. take a while to DL but thats just how some torrents work. good show also. a lil insight for what i'm up against.

I just watched the episode. Funny s***. Everybody, included the lead tenders are watchin' every move of those red hats... saying that they are a hazard on deck, not touching anything they're not familiar with etc. giving them a hard time. Then the "Lead" tender shuts off the gassupply to the diver. Lmao! Then the LT in question gets a shot at diving a few episodes later. That made it hilarious!
thanks fellas I will
i put it on here a few days ago...this is all that's online i think. just the excerpts.



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