More information about the cards and who to consult with as far as authority groups that you can speak with about the legalities of the ADC forcing workers to pay them.     National Labor Relations Board-713 209 4888                                                                  Texas Workforce Commission-800 252 3642                                                                 Texas Atty. General  512-475-4175

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The ADC has never forced me to pay for anything. My employers have always provided me with an ADC card.

BTW I hold a Sat Sup card.

I like your photo's, looks like some of mine. we ceartainly learn alot don't we in this industry? Did the company pay for your card?  I'm just trying to stay active on matters so we don't get screwed, this industry is alot to keep up with as you know. We pay for enough!

Thanks Lance, and yes we do. And yes, my employers have always paid for my ADC card. I worked at CDI when ADC cards became an issue. I had about 10 years experience when I went to work for CDI. CDIalways provided me with training and the necessary certs for whatever position they wanted me to fill. They had in-house supervisor training and a test, years before any test was required by the ADC. They provided me with Safe Gulf/Trap, Water Survival, OQSG, etc... at their expense, not mine. Eventually they even started to do maintenance and yearly inspections on our hats, on their nickel, too. My present employer also paid for my ADCSat Sup exam and card. I was also reimbursed for the cost of my TWIC card, too, when that became a requirement. Being a name on the wall at a large company has some advantages (if your tag doesn't fall off the whiteboard and get lost behind the ops-managers desk)

when you freelance, you pay for the a****** dummy card.  just like you pay for scuba certs.
How can I get an ADC license if I'm a freelance diver?
being that you have gotten at least your air diver card from ADC through a dive company, freelancing afterwards means the companies aren't paying for the next level of cards for you, at least the majority of them.  once you have the required dives, depths, field days, training, would send whatever doc**entation to ADC and they would issue you the card if you meet the requirements.  if you're good in the water then it helps you.  but if you're a s*** diver that just wants a promotion, stay away from the fields i'm working in.
You have a commercial credential already!

Edmund Edmund Edmund you are deffiently not a hard aht diver. The ADC DOES NOT GIVE A LICENSE~! hey look a turtle~!

Stick to scuba buddy!

Its Pretty simple If the company requires you to have a certen cert after hire its thier responcibilty if they require it prior to hire its yours! If you freelance I recommend you keep your certs,Phys and logbook up to date. At your own expeance! Its like being a Mechanic you wont get hired without you tools!!

It's kind of a grey area.  They, the ADC is trying to keep up with IMCA.  IMCA is all about paper and credentials so that if you screw up, the company that hired you can fall back and say you were not qualified to do what you did.  Then the liability rest on you, not the company...even though they will be expecting you to live up to your experience level.

Another problem is you may have enough experience to be a gas diver, but only hold an air diver when you hire on with a new company and try to negotiate your rate, they tell you that you're only qualified to be an "air diver" so this is what we can offer.  Later on they expect you to supervise jobs, but no way are you gonna get a supervisors rate.  This happens all the time fellows!

The best thing I say about all of this is when you negotiate your rate upon hire, expect to stay at that rate for a long time.  Most companies will not give you a raise unless you have them over a barrel.  They don't care about your ADC card, you will get what you negotiate.  And get it in writing!

Keep up with your logs.  Keep good tally books.  When you can, get letters of recommendation (The guy you did a great job for today, might be dead tomorrow).  

Very well said!
Does your company have to be a member of ADC in order to sign off on your dives? If not, how do the rest of us get them?


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