I appreaciate the constructive critacism but how about giving a few wise words  instead of trying to bring me down before i even get a chance to get my feet wet.

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So who urinated in your cheerios ?
Yea Mike but today there is a new more h***ginized diving group of young guys going out there. Yea I know its still "pissed in your Cheerios". I love being a diver.
If I can add my 2 cents to this discussion, Tenders are the most valuble commodity offshore for divers. If your actually doing your job as a tender and doing it well...Divers will see that and want you to tend them. I want a tender who knows you have to know your job on the practical level before you get wet. Ive had some of the best tenders ever working for DMT. Being good at your job is the turn on. Not thinking your job is a turn off. Any body who thinks a tender is lower than a diver is wrong. A good tender makes the dive. If a diver feels comfortable in the water then thats an advantage. Theres only one thing for tenders out of school should understand. You do your job, make the dive run smooth, watch and learn, Know the diver and his gear and take care of it. And a good diver will offer the same curtisy when you break out. And recomend you. Remember one thing...The diver is the boss when hes in the water.
Thats right master blaster and older guys who wanta keep diving too
Ace Flynn Mike I think the schools have it figured out If a I did the math right for every old gesser like us where to quit hang it up say f*** it or what ever it would take 40 new tenders a lifetime to do what we do in one dive therefor they have to mass product robots to replace us!! Not brag here just the facts mam
We do it all the time Mike.
One vessel I worked on, the bell was always a long way from the work station. Call the ROV taxi service!. They flew many a crossover line from the Robert's hoop to the clump weight for us. I've used ROVs as HPUs to power everything from impacts to guillotine saws for divers. A 150 horse power XLS is also handy to spin a spool piece around or the 80 ton trash baskets we've been using. Don't take a little good natured ribbing as diver/ROV conflict. Hell, I've made a lot of money in depth pay untangling ROVs.
Flynn, what did you say about inland? 8 grand last week, AND I went home every night. Bahahahaha, I follow the money bro, I follow the money. ;-)
So wheres the money Nigel?
Well guys. I think the issue lays in the quality of person coming through dive schools these days itself. I mean lots of people beak new tenders but I reckon its because most people these days are a product of the video game generation. Also Im guessing lots of these guys come from bigger cities as well. What Im getting at is im pretty young still (25) but growin up in Northern Canada instead of sitting infront of the nintendo we were busy dirtbiking or snowmobiling and then fixing the effing things when they broke down and as getting older we would jack up ol suzuki samurais and trucks.
basicly playing with winches and tools is a part of growing up in the bush/country I think its much harder for someone who didnt have this exposure growing up in the cities or infront of a computer screen to come onto a dive site and get into the swing of things easy.
There are lots of new people but every now and again you run into someone who has a lot of hands on experience or is a mechanical tradesmen and they usually do alright in the water.
I agree though lots of new people whos only calysts on the hands come from holding a controller but its like that in all industry.
I suggest you by a great set of irons and take up golf, you got some great courses on the island there and im sure they have a old boys club you can slip on into :D HAHAHA
Would be nice.....
hahaha, I think its time for Flynn to be a guest speaker at D.I.T.
I didnt know they have a class president, do they have a capitan of the wrestling team and a cheerleading squad too ???

I might have to dust off the MW2 and join you on a couple rounds mike, if your on a playstation fire me your name thing and well shoot the place up like an afternoon at the ok corral


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