Hi ive been a Qualified Commercial Diver since beginning 2010, ive been applying for a lot of jobs and always get the reply of you don’t have enough experience!! We ( Rookie Divers )need to start some where, All of the Divers here on this site and over the world where in the exactly the same Spot. All of the experience Divers where rookie divers in the Beginning.


My Question is…  Where’s that point where our rookie divers will get a chance to get experience and to Prove our self’s?

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Dennis the answer is one job at a time and that is a real challenge for any and everyone. Good luck you will need all the enthusiam you can get to get there just be sure you get a trade to apply to your diving skills.
Dennis, Ive been at this 20 years, and I went to a school this year just to see what they teach you guys (I graduated in FEB) SO by all accounts, I am now legitimately, the Oldest "Tender" Never forget that word) in the business with more time in the water than most Divers who have ever gone to school. ( Over 1800 hours in the water working). The tragedy, is that these "SCHOOLS" pump up every kid that walks thru the door, and when you graduate they call you Diver -they LIED ! Many do not even botice the word TENDER/diver on their cards. Since Ive graduated, Ive been on three jobs for other companies since I graduated (that card is a curse). Count yourself lucky that youve even got a job and just be patient....
I am self employed (as a DIving Contractor and Builder) expand your knowledge and be patient. All Rookies used to start choking a hose, and were there for at least 1 year if not longer. We all did it. THe training you paid for used to be free with a pay check attached. Thank the ADC for taking that trust away from divers and giving it to their supporters (CASH DONATIONS ONLY US DOLLARS).
Live Long Brother, Laugh Loud, Remember those Lost beneath the waves before you dive, and come home wiser - and safe.
ANother good Idea might be to apply as a tender, but bring your gear in the door with you when you apply. A good DIve supervisor will recognise your eagerness, but also your predaredness...
Jerry, Thank you for the reply, 1800 Hours that’s what im looking at and want to get there but even build more hours, and let me say a Diver (Tender) with that hours and experience I would like to dive and work with and learn. Patients are one of the first things ive learned since ive walked out that School Door with the Certs. I sat at home for 6 Months with no reply via email, phone calls ended up in a answer No sorry or not enough experience. Do you think the industry will pick up soon for us?
On the part of “bring your gear in the door with you and your eagerness” Thank you for that tip ill keep that in mind….
I like that idea, apply as a tender. Thats how I did it I said I would Tend, standby, dive. Whateve just give me a F*cking job. Not only do you have to be a stud on the worksite but half the battle too is getting along with the guys. If you are personable, dont talk s*** when your full of it and just generally get along with everyone your working with then your gonna probably get a call back as well. Like it was stated before, take one job at a time and hope for the call backs eventually you will have 3 or 4 companies calling you to work when they need a guy and then you can stay pretty steady, or they might ask you to come on full time. Either case is nice if your lucky
Graduated from the Ocean Corp in October. No problems finding work. Resume's aren't enough. You have to go to the company and be ready to go to work that day. If you plan on sending out apps and resume's and expect a Dive company to call you back, you will be waiting for much longer than you already have!

Good luck and go get the job because it won't go get you!
in the GOM the guys seem to head straight offshore but work as tenders for a few years to gain experiance I was always taught that you should go do a few years of civils to gain the experiance before heading out I was wondering what you guys thought about the merits of the two "systems"
If you've "Never " worked as a diver, sorry, your not a diver- not until you've earned it the same way every diver over the age of 40 earned it. Tenders ( real tenders) are acknowledging when they apply as such that (though having been through a school) are willing to do what it takes to earn that title. If you look at our history, the first "Commercial Divers" had a military back ground. So every position "or promotion" if you will was an earned thing. The ADC screwed that up when it "Made it OK " , now, every tender graduating seems to think they are dive qualified.
So yes, George learn, anything and everything related to our craft, welding, civils, anything, enjoy being a tender and learning from real divers. That way the day your on your own and fouled ip worse than an octopus in a sticky trap, you'll be calm enough to remember what you were taught (ie DONT PANIC!) and youll be able to free yourself and live to dive again!.
Fair winds lil bro!
been working as a civils diver for almost three years but if I head out to the GOM ill still have to do 2 years of tending with the guys straight outa school before i can get wet again kinda sux in other parts of the world the companies require a few years of inshore experiance before heading offshore as a diver obviously doing the s***ty/shallow jobs to start till the sup has gained confidance in your ability and sure you have to choke a hose while the other guys are working but everyone has to
If your broke out, you should not have to choke a hose regardless of where you were diving. Thats what your log book is for.
Dennis, Will is correct I believe just say youll do anything and get the job.I recently left diving for the union to come down to the gulf to dive.After talking to many many companies this is what I have found.Time outside the gulf is not considered gulf time and you will have to do your "tender time" in the gulf to be a gulf diver..
Just what I have been told
Best of luck
If you are a diver with a back ground, you should never start on a hose, your telling me if your thirty something your gonna take s*** from a twenty something green diver fresh in the salt? Not, A broke out Diver doesnt go backwards. Thank the ADC for that mentality. Ive been diving 20 years, and if your a Union diver are you crazy enough to step backwards in pay. Brother there are pleanty companies overseas willing to put you in the Ocean for $500.00 P.Day + comps, if the GOM has become this screwed up, stay with your Union or transfer. The pay is enough to keep the Union Job. When I dove the GOM in the 80's, Divers came from everywhere, North (Lakes and Rivers) East and West (the same), we were divers, all broke out, all working. Tenders were green hands who wanted to learn our craft, or student divers doing the same.


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