looking for info on the draeger CCBS reclaim helmet


I am looking to find some info on the draeger CCBS recliamhelmet, and bailout system

they where made mid 80"  the one in the picture is from 1989.

Is there someone who has been diving these helmets or knows something about it.

there is no info at all on the web.

all info will help,story's/paperwork/pictures,  anything.


Rob Krul

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Comment by Jim Bathgate on January 31, 2013 at 2:50pm

Rob, Achim Fischer from Germany knows a guy that has contacts at Drager, doesn't know many details of these but asks if you can give any serial numbers visible on the set or the helmet, and he will go back and ask Drager, who say that info would help them reference it.Meanwhile I have still not met any commercial divers who ever heard of CCBS being used commercially, although some said they heard it had it worked OK during trials.Problem apparently was Gas Services got in on the act early with SLS, (now Divex  are talking about a new even simpler one which they intend to market soon.) The North Sea was always an area where surface mixed gas never really was used to any great extent, opting for Saturation instead, and simple sets such as these are filled with a pre-mix according to depth range (excursion parameters), they are not for use from surface to depth and back. SLS are actually the only rebreather bailout sets that I have seen in use in 32 years, but then, I only worked for UK based companies.email me at fastmail and I'll forward Achim's email address to you again if you need it.

Comment by Jim Bathgate on November 19, 2012 at 5:54pm

Rob, check ebay, there's a ccbs helmet for sale, you don't see many!

rgds  Jim

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