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Oceanus Research, LLC

Oceanus Research,LLC has a

vision for developing new technology, improving upon existing ideas,

and support, to further advancements in the ocean industry. We are

constantly testing new ideas as technologies change and improve. Our

goal is to become a leader in the ocean engineering field to support

the advancement of research, exploration, and discovery of our largest


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The following article was written by Stephen Harrigan and appeared in the May 1981 issue of Texas Monthly Magazine. It gives a the newbie dive school grads a peek at what Ace, Flynn, Chuck, Bill, etc. are talking about when they refer to "old school." I especially like the comment about a "good tender." Enjoy ~ Diva.


Just off the Loop in Southwest Houston stands an…


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Convicts are given a new lease on life - as deep-sea divers


February 24, 1981

Convicts are being taken out of their barred cells and given a chance at a better life - as deep-sea divers.

And the elite few who survive the grueling 10 - month training reenter society as highly skilled underwater experts who can earn as much as $100,000 a year.

"It's a great profession and they are making…


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For all of the Police and FD Divers out there


Learn to use the water, not conquer it!!!

Professional attitudes towards equipment and year round training, under all types of conditions, day or night, may mean the difference between saving a life, or losing one.

All divers must be aware of his surroundings and cohorts at all times.

Education and in water practice drills must be on going. Knowing the water, and the area you are working in, increases confidence, which when stress…


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Rolex Oyster Chronometer


Due to the fall out from a marrage split I'm having to jetterson some of .....as my ex would call it divers junK!!!

I've got a pile of old diving stuff, kit, books, bandmasks helmets.... It's got me in a bit of a tail spin as my contract is in delay on project works and the civils side has dropped off (time of year) so I'm selling the family seat (Chateu Greenwood !!) along with bits n bobs to keep the ex in the life style she's been accustomed .

I've a bunch of… Continue

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I need a time out in the sun!!!

I need a job in the sun....... That was the thought that entered my head at 2 am this morning!!! It was still swimming around (you know what it's like...a bad tune you can't stop whistling) so I decided to get up check out cDiver be for going for my morning run.

The work has dropped off, been on the beach with Divex in Aberdeen Scotland. the project I was on has slipped alittle so I've time to kill for a month, currently on standy for Grampian Diving in Scotland but civils is quiet… Continue

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