In 1964 the United States Navy initiated a program to prove that human beings could in fact, live beneath the surface of the world's oceans. The experimental program was given the title SEALAB 1.

The men selected to participate in the historical program were indeed, true ocean pioneers. These "Aquanauts" planned to live and work undersea performing a multitude of tasks and experiments to measure the effects of breathing various ga**** and living at greatly increased atmospheric pressures.

SEALAB 1 however, with it's heavy emphasis on medical monitoring of the four aquanauts that would provide much of the needed information about the effects of saturation diving and consequently laid the foundation for additional habitat programs as well as a soon to blossom commercial saturation diving industry. On the heels of this burgeoning dive industry came a new era of commercial diving exploits. Throughout the globe, deepwater oil rig platforms were constructed by men with the "Deep Stuff" who, through their efforts, helped change the course of the worlds economy.

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