Guess the Jobs page isnt working, so Were in need of some good divers with Inland experience here in Florida, Pompano area but have work scheduled all over Florida till mid April.

Need to clean house a bit, so if you can do more than just Dive,,, i.e Burn, Weld, Rig, Run Boats, Cranes ect... your what we need

Needed asap... keep in mind please , this is Florida, No Northeast wages down here. but steady work !!

Contact Viking at 772-460-6710

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I've Been in the golf of Mexico for over 9 years. On our vessels we do our own equipment maintenance, Crane operations, I'm a certified Welder and I can burn; topside and underwater. I'm also a Dive Medic /EMT and have worked in 6 Inland companies, dealing with concrete, bridges, pilings, sheet piles and such. I also did 3 years of Deck Forman. Don't know if you are still looking for Divers / laborers. But I will contact you outside Monday and try and get some more information.


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