I am planning to attend CDA in june but all I am hearing is negativity and the lack of jobs out here. 

I am also discouraged with the professionalism of many divers on here who treat
new and potential students with rudeness and bitterness.

That is very sad but then again this is construction work isn't t?

I am not going to speak for everyone but I myself as a potential student
I am amazed with many of you and the replies that we newbies receive about
possibly getting into the field.

I have noticed that many of the ones that speak bad about industry are the same ones over 
and over again same names and same replies.

maybe you guys were not cut out for it yourself.
have you asked yourself that question?

I know time is bad and 9.9 unemployment is everywhere 

please don't forget guys that some of the newbies or potential students have made it
in there prior lives in what they do and they can and will do great thing is the diving world

we are not fat a**** like some say

I own two houses and very successful business person so atleast for me i don't live 
with mommy and daddy maybe they live with me

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If your lookin' for manners, your in the wrong kitchen, we have been dubbed "Oil Field Trash " for many reasons. Mostly the fact that we (when we were gettin paid our worth) are the only critters on this giant marble that can do what we do. There aint no tea party goin on out there. Its godless un appreciated dirty and deadly work. But its where we shine best. We all (Divers) have earned our bones the hard way. But even though we may rip each others butts on the Job, no one else could better cover your back in a bar than a brother.. Remember that. When youve been around awhile and youve earned your name, you'll understand. Thii then, just let it flow... I own real estate to lil bro, its not about what you have, its the blood sweat and pain you put into it. The things (like girl friends and parties - even friends who "just dont get it..) you will sacrifice. If you live with mom and dad, Great pat the bills for them. This business is about an attitude and life style no other group of people could ever understand. Etiquet and civility are for society, not the oil patch or rivers, lakes , ponds, and mud h***s we live in... No worries, just enjoy the ride or dont even board the train....
i am a potential new and prospective student and i didn't recieve any rudeness, negativity, or bitterness from anyone. a few guys that replied to your post were very informative and offered up a lot of information and they didn't have to so maybe you are just a little bit too sensitive. people that do hard ass work tend to have short fuses because when stuff goes wrong doing the difficult work the work takes longer and sometimes things that are said shouldnt be taken to the heart and just let it roll off your back. i've worked with people that have gotten offended because of the tone of my voice or my attitude towards them when they mess up but it's also a good way to teach someone things too. unless you are a panzy!
The reason we swear so f*cking much is becaue you cant on comms when sh*t is not going your way in the dark drink becuase you never know when the company man is listening lol.
So when we come out cold, pissed off, with a crushed finger all a man wants is a beer and smoke and to say f*ck till it starts to feel good hahaha.

But Jerry is right man, I have made friends in my short diving career that I would trust with my life even more so than friends that I have grown up with. Its weird how doing this work with ppl can bring you close.
Like Jerry said as well in a bar they are the best, there has been a couple of a time where I would be standing shoulder to shoulder with a couple other divers squarin off against 10 guys thinking pffftttttt 3-1 thats good odds for any diver, Lets do this! :D
Didnt always end like you hope but meh its just the way of the world hahaha


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