I am planning to attend CDA in june but all I am hearing is negativity and the lack of jobs out here. 

I am also discouraged with the professionalism of many divers on here who treat
new and potential students with rudeness and bitterness.

That is very sad but then again this is construction work isn't t?

I am not going to speak for everyone but I myself as a potential student
I am amazed with many of you and the replies that we newbies receive about
possibly getting into the field.

I have noticed that many of the ones that speak bad about industry are the same ones over 
and over again same names and same replies.

maybe you guys were not cut out for it yourself.
have you asked yourself that question?

I know time is bad and 9.9 unemployment is everywhere 

please don't forget guys that some of the newbies or potential students have made it
in there prior lives in what they do and they can and will do great thing is the diving world

we are not fat a**** like some say

I own two houses and very successful business person so atleast for me i don't live 
with mommy and daddy maybe they live with me

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Ge Barry that was great thanks for sharing.
tehehehehe :)
Dude like you said its like construction, and when the guys see a "newbie" walk on to the site they gotta f*** your ass and see what your made off. I found out that if you can sling s*** as good as the other monkeys then they might keep you around long enough to see how you work, just leave out your living conditions with the parents :D
those that have nothing to gain from your efforts will most likely tell you the truth. those that will profit from you, will tell you what you want to hear.
I like that... good thing I took that Entrepreneur class last fall...
Thanks Mike, I am pretty young and green, but I'm about as foul mouthed as they get but I will get the fecking job done and orders. When I'm working as a roadie and stage tech, I may not know a fecking thing about what I'm trying to do, and people poke crap at me all the time, especially when I don't know a technical term for something... but I could care less about piddly technical jargon, or what other people sat.... I'll ask if I dunno what the heck the job task is... sticks and stones you know? Now if I was an engineer in an office, I may have a different attitude.
very well said Mike!! absolutely agree!
Sorry guys, I'm new. But while all of you are over there talkin crap. Me, and a few others are busy getting our jobs done. I rather have a mute that can bust ass than some ass that sits and talks about doing it
Sorry, Flynn, I've been out for awhile Started workin for LOD in mid March
Your welcome Paul!!!!!!
Yep, Chuck got me the job. Still owe him some beer! Thanks!
There are times when this is very true....
If thought a fool don't speak up and remove all doubt.


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