when is chain past its sell by date.


ok you fit the new chain and its 100% the day its fitted.


its in a protected marina.

 so is the chain scrap at 80% 70% 60% .what???


steve h



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If chain is gr. 100 and used in rigging it has to be certified once a year with a metal stamped tag, by a designated/certified inspection service.
Need more info like what size diameter how much weight strain is being alone, potential shock loads, etc. Is this for moorings ?
ok vessels up to 75ft

1/2inch chain

steve h
Steveman ok I get the picture now I like to use 3/4" galvanized chain long length that way when the working chain wears down to 1/2" you still have some protection for unexpected events like big storms and what ever else the marine world throws at it and you still have your vessel with a degree of safety. If you start out with 1/2" you end up with 1/4" hummm not where I would chose to be for my vessels investment, liability etc. not to mention your name will be on what ever you do. Ok good luck.
Well believe it believe it not, this is the argument I am having now, having lost the job some 20yrs ago over the same thing.
new owners you see.
inspect annually, and when any part of any link has lost a third of its thickness then its time to replace it, or sooner if bad pitting or corrosion has set in....................................
Any riggers or manufacturers handbook will provide specs/tolerances on iron, steel and silicon/bronze-etc. Chain if kept clean and dry 'keeps' vertually forever.There are very few silly questions and this isn't one of them. Google crosby rigging.
Know exactly what your saying when new
But these chains just never leave the water till they break, that’s why I change my own YES and do not leave it to marina divers.

Steve h
If you use Crosby make sure its crosby not gunnebo or other, for accurate ratings.
well mike arent you just a plethora of information...
Chain is scrap at 70% WLL
Yep so if you were to start out with 3/4" when it got down to 1/2" in diameter it would be ready for a change out. Not just starting out with 1/2".


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