Hi Guys:


Has anyone used one of the old Russian copper helmets?  I just bought one for my collection along with the suit and would like to make it workable but a couple of things have me scratching my head.  Every photo or video I have found of them in use show the hose connected directly to the helmet.  Did they not use a no-return valve and an air flow controll valve on the chest like the Mark V's do?


Other than that just have to pick up the proper weights.  Hook up the coms in it and do alot of polishing.



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Yes Doug I have one a 3 bolt with 3 ports in it. Love diving that thing its fun, cheap and was relatively easy to convert to a useable hat. The connecting threads have to be re threaded and I made a neckdam out of a sheet of flat foam neopream. I put that inbetween the breastplate and the helmet. Measure your neck size and draw a circle of that size then come in about 3/4" to 1" smaller and cut that out. Once that is done bolt it back together and you will be able to pretty much use the hat in a upside position underwater if you wanted to to need to. Be sure to seal off the rear com cable opening so no water comes in. I sodered out the existing head button exhaust and put in a chinese one, it fit perfectly. On weights you will have to figure out what is best for you lighter is better. Have fun I sure have.

Hi Ace;


Good idea, thanks.  It appears to be the exact same helmet.  I'll post a couple of pictures of mine when I get around to polishing it up.



Exhaust is a head bump exhaust , when you want exhaust just bump the valve with your head and it will ventilate.

Hose connection was combination check valve and swivel nut for hose.

Air pressure was controled from the surface.

Easy to install an air control valve in the helmet.

You can make your own chest and back weights 30lbs each.

3 bolt dress coller is a bastard to streach open to get in, suggest you install a dry suit shoulder zipper for ease of entry K&B Diving Suits in Washington State will do it for you.

exhaust valve is a double exhaust be sure to check that the rubber flapper is in place.

Good hats and a lot of fun to dive.

Yes that is one direction to go mine however is one where you could wear a wet suit and/or still wear a qet a seperate dry suit . What I can tell you is the weight system you figure out or chose is to wear is between 16 lbs and 30 lbs depending what you chose or want to do underwater.
I love to walk the Kona Reefs in Hawaii with my Russian Dive Helmet.

Hey Fred, Ace:


Thank you for all the information / ideas.  I'm ordering the new parts to put standard coms into the helmet and have emailed a guy in Latvia that deals in this stuff to see about getting the proper check valve / hose connection.  I think I'll put an inline valve on the hose the same way as the North American ones had.  This will also allow the connection of my normal umbelical.  I'm trying to keep it as authentic as possible while still making it safe.



The air inlet thread is metric and you can have a machine shop make you an adaptor.

for a check valve take a look at Kepner 710B-100 check valve it has 1/2 mnpt for helmet and #10 male JIC for dive hose connection.

Kepner Company they have a web site.

I switched all my helmets to Kepner check valves they work great.

Plus they are easy to obtain in brass, stainless steel .

Air control valve is a Whitey HP brass valve. soldered copper tube to helmet air inlet inside hat.

Or you could install a DESCO air hat control valve with brass handle.


Install one way valve between hat/umbilical, check exhaust.

No control valve on the air hat, only on the mixed gas one.

Picture is from last weekend fun.

Well - after spending all evening last night polishing it, here is the final result.  I'm quite pleased with it.  Now I just have to wait for parts in order to try it out (sigh).



Hook up some air to it and try it out in a pool. Make a flat rubber neckdam like I mentioned in a earlier post, rethread the inlet fittings, be sure you have the communicarion wires sealed off and go have some fun. You might want to sometime in the future put in a chinese or japanese adjustable exhaust. Rig up some scuba weights for front and back over your shoulders and hop in the pool.

Hi Ace:

Did some research on the exhausts.  Apparently the one in the helmet is meant to be only an overpressure / emergency exhaust.  The actual exhaust valves are surposed to be fitted to the suit with a automatic one at the back and a combination auto / manual one on the front.  Actually seems like a good idea as it vents the CO2 out of the suit that way.  Think I'll try that first before I start trying to change the helmet and see how it works.  I've also got the coms connections on the way and the original hose fittings.  Should be interesting once I get it all together.  I can always use my Mark V belt and boots for weight if I dont get the original ones.




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