Hey guys first off would like to say great web site. I searched in the forums and was unable to find any information on this subject. So I figured I would start my own thread. I am soon to find myself out of the military. So in the light of having to find a new career I came up with the idea of getting into commercial diving. I currently have a few sport dives logged, however I am not certified at any level of scuba. I looked into a few dive schools commercial diving academy in Jacksonville and the diving academy in New Jersey. Is there one thing that puts one school above the other? Is going to either of these schools necessary or is there another way to get my foot into the door? Also I was wondering what kind of pay I will make entry level and how much I can expect that to go up? Well any help on these matters will be greatly appreciated also any other information that can help is welcome too.

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check in to Divers Institute of Technology in Seattle. Top rated school in the industry and they have good connections with the companies hiring. Also, they are intl cert if you plan to do any work outside us.
So what is it about D.I.T that puts that school over the other ones? I have heard lots of good things about that school, but at this point in time i dont have the knowledge to be able to tell a good school from a bad school. I have decided im not going to go to a school unless they offer a IMCA cert. The other schools i have talked to have had that for an extra fee. Is the cert included in the D.I.T program? OK thanks again for your help.


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