Its all about heights.....are you scared of heights?  You carry a few extra pounds? You pride yourself as a 'free lance diver'?  You might want to pass on this prospective job.  Free lance divers who never did this work would be no better at it than any new dude. Would you climb a radio tower right now and make it to the top?  200 feet in the air with nothing but your assWe work ft 40 hr weeks home on weekends.  The pay is good if you work out. 972 484-5500

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What company is it for and were
It's probably Waterfront
I have done plenty of high water tanks working for Applied diving services in A.Z. the fun part is climbing up there in a dry suit in 118 degrees and then lifting up all the gear to dive and cleaning the tank.

Whats up b****, how ya been?

where is it located and is it only US residency ?

ok call me 00919322011854


Its a US company bro, your plane ticket would eat it up  before it paid.

Is this company out of Dallas area ? And what are the requirements ?
40 hours? That's it? I want at least 84, with the occasional 110

Most "Tankers" work less than 40 ( there's always an excuse) travel and vehicle expenses always add up to more than per diem jobs are cut throat and often bid low 3-4 man crews ( BIG NO NO) I worked with a great crew in the past, but the money was never there, and you never get ahead, you just seem to barely get by...

Done it, Unless it pays more than $20 per hour with PD and expences, the pay doesnt ever equal the expence yet.

This post is almost a year old~ Water tank diving is for those who cannot work offshore or inland~ Screw that s***.


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