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I recently picked up an AH3 for my collection.  Now I'm trying to find a suit that has the yoke on it to mate to the helmet, or even just a yoke to put on one of the ones I have.  Even if the suit is beyond repair as long as the yoke is usable for another suit I would be interested.  As far as I can find out Viking seems to be the only one with the yokes new at the moment and, in Canada, they are notoriously hard to get the more uncommon parts through.


I would appreciate any help.



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What size suit do you wear?

Viking 2 or 3.  5'8" 180 lbs.  I'd prefer one of the rubber suits (Viking, Thor, Gates, Aquala etc)  Used if possible (My pockets aren't deep enough for what they want for the new ones now)

KME could fabricate a tunnel yoke for you out of neoprene or you can make one.

Then glue it on one of your suits.

Hi here is a suit it is a viking w3 180 long couple of h***s but not a problem.


Looks good to me - what did you want for it?  My email is mjdkas@hotmail.com



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