Hi Everyone:


I'm trying to find the jocking harness for the Aquadyne Air Hat GS2 that I am restoring.  I understand they were different from the AH3 and newer ones.  Ideally I would like an original one but I would appreciate it if anyone even had pictures of it so I could make one.  I have the blow appart schematic for the hat but it doesnt show the harness even though its listed in the parts.  I've tried contacting the company that produces the new air hats but they only have information going back to the AH3


Thanks for the help


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Doug, e-mail your address and I will send you a copy of an original AH-2 / GH 2 manual.

It has pictures of the jocking harness and also the combination jock weight belt..


Thank you Fred.  Email sent.  (Incase it doesnt get through its mjdkas@hotmail.com)




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