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Just bought an Aquadyne Air Hat GS-2 for my collection and was wondering if anyone has any information about these hats?  I know they were set up to use with a rebreather/reclaiming system but I cant find any information about that or what it looked like.  I would eventually like to find one to complete the hat but its kind of hard if you dont know what you are even looking for.  The hat is still in transit but these are pictures of it.

Thanks for the help


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Interesting, I liked the AH2 and it is still in production in Europe as the AH5. It has been slightly modified to prevent separation of the hat from the neckring. These hats are still sought after and used inland and in contaminated waters. Honestly I wonder why we went away from free flow hats for shallow water work.
I also dove Savioy a few times, good hat but tuff to get used to.

Hey Jeremy:


I'm not sure I follow.  Why wouldnt you dive an air hat?  They are still the standard in Europe and parts are readily available for repairs.  Everyone I've talked to that has one loves it.  As for the Savoy - Aside from pictures I've never even seen one.  What few I've seen up for sale go for way more than I can afford.



As you boy's know Kirby Morgan keeps working gasp per breath on regulators so they breath easy. There is a free flow valve that works just great, all the air you need with no effort.

You have a 5120 sitting on deck running on idel and the divers on the bottom sucking on a second stage, could never figure that one out. Free flow hats is comfort for air work and less parts to change.

Makes sense to me


I think you have some very good points,but there's a few reasons,such as bailout duration for a free-flow helmet versus a demand set-up. Bailout systems with long duration are something I understand the need for more and more,every time I go to work I hear another story. I read about Chris Lemmons losing his umbilical when it was ripped off ,last year,he would have been better perhaps with a rebreather bailout such as SLS? He's the luckiest diver I heard of as the second diver rescued him. I'm not negative about those helmets though,just bought a Swindell /advanced 2000 and an Aquadyne AH2...because I like them!

Hi Doug, It's a year and a half since you posted this,but I'm in the same position as you were back then, an AH2 helmet in transit.(but without the neck ring) I never heard it called the GS2.I also just got a Swindell/Advanced 2000,and my friend,same guy who's bringing the AH2 over to Scotland from Holland,has the Advanced 3000 version. I've used an AH2 before,but that was way back in '83,but I did like it. I note from your pictures that it does indeed have a KM/DSI bailout valve in the left rebreather hose port.Also the neat adaptor to No6 JIC main inlet.(I'll have one of those made,good idea) I have a big favour to ask,is it possible to email me pictures to JimBathgate@fastmail.fm of the neck-ring/neck dam assembly? Like off the helmet so I can see detail? I would be most grateful. I might have a better how to get a replacement built  if I had pictures, I remember studying one closely when I first started out in this industry, but that was in 1980,and my memory's not that good. Look up Rob Krul (info@krul-bv.nl) in Holland and ask for info on the Swindell helmets, he knows these helmets and also has the back pack for his 3000.You can see Rob on DivingHeritage.com website entering the water wearing one. I have had replies from Bob at Able marine who still make the Advanced 2000,he advised me well as regards spares available.I'm holding my breath while I wait for a price for the breastplate,which can also fit the Aquadyne (see Frogmanmuseum.com for pics of a hat like yours on one) but without the neck-ring assembly, or a replacement rebuilt, 'll be stuck.

The GH-2 which is the proper name of the aquadyane gas hat.

Aquadyne had a separate bailout valve assemble that attached to your harness that had the main air supply and bailout attached.

A smart diver cuts the end of his Phumo hose at a 45 degree angle so he can stick it up under his neckdam or up his cuff if he is wearing an open neckring suit as a secondary bailout.

Swindell recirculator back pack will work on a GH-2 gas rig.

Both the Swindell and GH-2 had low performance on recirculator and you could overbreath both units if you were working hard. You had to really pace yourself so that you did not overbreath the units. If your neckdam was moving up and down with each breath you needed to go on open free flow to catch up.

Both Gas helmets worked just fine as air helmets.

The neckring assemble on the Aquadyne was a complicated clamping and if they had gone with the interupted thread like the Swindell it would have been better.

Aquadyne manual shows the neckring arrangement and all info for both hats.

The Aquadyne with an open collar suit (Viking) works just like standard gear when you use the combination weight belt jocking harness rig.


 This is all very interesting, learning wee bits with every comment. Oceaneering did at one point in time use a male Q/D fitting at the end of the pneumo,and a split bailout hose from bottle to hat,so e.g.  Diver 1 could plus his pnuemo hose into the other diver's LP hose if e.g. diver 2 was trapped. Stena Offshore rejected the idea,said that you can't get enough flow that way,but I'd rather have some than none! The Q/D just helps prevent the hose coming out of the neckdam while you concentrate on rescuing your friend!

 I just talked with an American diver we have in Sat here,he tells me that around 8 years ago he took his AH2 to a guy in Santa Barbara who still worked on Aquadyne helmets, even though manufacture transferred (via Divex?) to the UK.  He's going to email some friends to see if that guy is still there,like in yellow pages or whatever.  I think I might have a long search looking for an AH2 neck ring assy. You never can tell, thank you all for the info on thse pages,and the pictures.

Hello, I am rebuilding an Aquadyne AH2 and have been searching for parts for some time. Turns out the gentleman that built the hats are still around, still have shops under the General Aquadyne name, and still have parts on the shelf. They don't have a website, facebook, or any advertising besides word of mouth, and seemed tickled that I had called them looking for parts. They said if they didn't have it on the shelf they would build it. There is one shop in Santa Barbara CA, and one in Saint Louis MO. They are in the Yellow pages. Sounded like really nice guys on the phone. They also have the original manuals and parts diagrams.  

I now have the 2 neck rings, plus some buckles and D-rings to sort out at least one harness, looking for a manual plus some wee bits. I cleaned up the valves,( & replaced flapper valves with KMDSI ones) stripped the chrome from one hat,left the other intact.Replaced all inserts with expanding brass type instead of helicoils c/w stainless socket cap screws.Noticed that both are AH2, but have different size inlets, so will need adaptors to NPT.Looking for a manual,or a copy, plush some wee bits if available, e.g.original snap hooks, screwed pins for lock on neck ring.Where are the guys in California? Any contact info appreciated. my email address is JimBathgate@fastmail.fm


Look on e-bay - commercial diving - has a jocking harness and neckring complete up for bid now.

I have a manual if you would like a copy e-mail me @ Fred.Johnson@calpia.ca.gov

Hi , Fred, I did try writing before, I will also try writing to the amial address you left, but hey. you have a name-sake, I did know a Sat Diver of the same name, way back in the day. I think he was American.I will write to you proper address, I was only an Air Diver, but a proper chamber Op, You're Canadian so you will understand the rest of the stuff I will write, I got no probe there, been working in Canada off and on 10 years and plenty Canadian pals.Lots of Canadian pals, but the company we're working for, well, let;s say they made a mess a while back, put one against the other, but I will state here and now, my very first trip offshore, my boss was Canadian, so was the "Sat Tech" and I made it from there.


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