Hi Guys.


Just bought an Aquadyne Air Hat GS-2 for my collection and was wondering if anyone has any information about these hats?  I know they were set up to use with a rebreather/reclaiming system but I cant find any information about that or what it looked like.  I would eventually like to find one to complete the hat but its kind of hard if you dont know what you are even looking for.  The hat is still in transit but these are pictures of it.

Thanks for the help


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That a GH-2 Gas hat used with recerculator back pack filled with soda sorb.

Looks like someone stuck a bail out valve in the recerculator hose connection.

There should be to flow ducts inside on right and left side of helmet.

Recerculator pack was about the same design as a Swindell Gas hat unit.

Hat is a positive bouyancy and you need to jock it down.

Hat is a good free flow hat and exhaust is double flapper and head button type ( no leaks ).


Collect, heck send it my way and I will work in it. I use Swindel now and like the AH2. The GS2 used a sodasorb rig like the Swindel 3000 ( the air hat was 2000). I have seen pics of the 3000 on line. I have the Divex manual that covers both the 2000 and 3000.That will get you close. BTW US Aquadyne is still in Santa Barbara (they made a DMC 7 for me in 1987)but He is really tuff to get a hold off. Divex is making the AH5 (the latest version of your hat) in the UK.

Hi Fred:

Thanks for the info.  I wondered about the valve on the hose connection.  It just didnt look right to me.


Hi Bill:

I cant wait to try it out myself.  I understand they are quite comfortable.  I've contacted Divex in England and they are sending me some info about it. Apparently the GS model is a fairly rare helmet.  I didnt know there was still Aquadyne in the US though.  I'll have to try to find some contact info for them.

Re the Swindell.  Thats another one I'd love to try as well.  Its on my "to find" list.



While I'm on the subject - Anyone know where I might find a used suit with the yoke to mate with this helmet?


You can buy the yoke for a Desco Air hat and it will fit the GH-2 neckring.

then attach it to any dry suit.

LOL - now thats really funny Fred.  I happen to have a Desco yoke here but no Desco helmet.  Guess I just have to find a suit to put it on.  Thank you very much



You may have to shorten the yoke. Depending on your neck,I have to but don't have much a neck.Ditto for the Swindel BTW.

As you know you must jock down both helmets or they will float up.

The yoke will not have to be cut down as it will fold into itself.

If you want an open suit like standard gear and use the exhaust for control do not glue a neck seal to the neck ring.

The Aquadyne with a open yoke viking gives full control like standard gear.

Yes it does give full control like heavy gear, you will love it once you get used to it.Being able to hover can mak libfe easy. I guess the guys I know have short fat necks, hell I admit I do.

A beautiful hat Doug. I am just finishing the rebuild of my old Swindell (on a breastplate).

When that is done, I will have to start looking for an Aquadyne.

Notice: The Aquadyne AH-2 and GH-2 helmet made by General Aquadyne in Santa Barbara can come loose from its neck ring. The helmet is attached to the male ring by glue resin and must be check for hairline cracking at its joint. Could create a situation where you have a fish in the helmet.

Swindell connection to ring will never come loose. down side to Swindell is the exhaust valve is located as a chin valve , I installed a Aquadyne exhaust valve in my Swindell behind the right ear, to use as a bump exhaust. Kept the chin valve for use when working on the bottom of ships. MK-12 Navy hat also good hat when rigged with breast plate, has side ports for looky see right and left.

Thanks for the tip Fred.  I'll check it as soon as it gets here.


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