hey my names Jonathan im 18 i live in Washington state U.S. and im interested in going to school for commercial diving at the Divers Institute of Technology in Seattle and i was wondering if anyone could tell me a little about it from the view of someone that does it for a living because ive only heard about it from the view of someone that wants me to go to there school so they just tell me what can happen not what will happen like how often do you get unemployed? how long do jobs last? what are the best jobs? what jobs should i stay away from? are you away from home alot? if you are how long do you stay away? can you make a living off of it and still have some fun money? how hard are jobs to find? if anyone could help answer some of my questions or give me any tips or points about this kind of work i would appreciate it so much thanks.

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So you spent 20k on school for a career you have no clue about?

tough question,

but I would have to say No.

go to louisiana technical college it cost me 3500 and you get the same certs as any other school. You start out as a tender at the bottom of the barrel regardless what school you went to. so why pay all that money unless your pockets are deep..

just graduated from SLTC. So far i have learned it's not a stable career. It depends on the weather who ya know, your past and so on so forth. I wouldnt spend 20k on school. Many divers dont wanna tell someone its great because well..... honestly we dont want more new guys. That would mean we have to work a lil harder and competition would go up. So follow your dreams bud do what you WANT to do not just because of the money. 


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