I'm 22 years old scuba diver from Indonesia,holding advanced cert from PADI

currently i'm working as marine surveyor in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I really want to be commercial diver but unfortunately the cost of the courses is not yet affordable for me right now.

Is there any company or academy offering sponsorship?or student loan?

In return I'm willing to be fully committed working for them and ready to be placed anywhere to do my jobs.

I hope i can get some recommendations from you fellow divers, thanks before.. :)


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Dear Gomer,

What do you mean by DIT? is it Dublin institute of technology?

My financial condition right now is probably i can afford one way ticket to the US.

actually most of commercial dive training center websites that I visited offered student loans or scholarship but the think is they only offered the loans for the citizens of the country, not for the international students, is DIT different? 

Divers institute of technology is in Seattle area. www.diversinstitute.edu. It was all ex-Navy instruct. when I was there. I do not know about out of country financial aid. It all depends on what you want to end up doing in the field. All I can say is if you want to go offshore be prepared to work your ass off if you want to move up the ladder. If you ever run into a guy named Jose Cuervo.... run.


That's the deal Hakim. You don't need to pay 30K for a cert. to photo dive. You have to find an area of focus like welding, Dive medic. I barely made it through school having to wash dishes at night etc. I also know there are diving institutes all over the world. I know nothing about under water photo and video except that my boss gets pissed if I start smacking his camera around and making him dizzy. DIT wants your $ and will answer your questions. I have been out of school for quite some time.

Thank you very much again for your advice Gomer...

Now you're working as commercial diver.can i know how much u make per month? 

If lets say u got a chance to turn back time will you choose different career path?

I'm in dilemma right now because i'm facing 2 different career path, in here i'm working as a marine surveyor and offered a chance to make this company big, the prospect is promising since Indonesia is maritime country. but on the other side i love scuba diving, well i know nothing about construction diving what i know about it is there's good money in commercial diving.
but i don't know whether the cdivers really enjoy their work or they works only for the big money.

I'm really thankful to meet person like you who want to share your experience so it can open my eyes. 

I have made good $ yes. It is hit and miss. ALL C-divers have a back up. Even If it is mowing lawns. To me, If I did it all over, I would operate heavy machinery. I would try to get into the operators union. I also think, with the amount of $ spent on a good school you could get your own boat, tanks, hp compresser. Do your own gig. I wouldn't leave Indo. but, all that B.S. about not being able to find work is moot if you get a shot and have an extremely strong work ethic. Trust me. You are researching, and that is the best thing you can do. I'll end this discussion with this.....You are young enough to give the survey a go, and if it fails there will still be time to get your surface supplied certs. There is also a scuba institute in Florida. No problem on the info. Hope it helps.

Thank's a lot Gomer :)

I wish you all the best :)

PADI doesnt work in the US, you need hard hat certs. As tight as the industry is for locals, all I can say is I wish you luck.

Check out Commercial Diving Academy. I know everyone's got their own personal preferences. But with your situation, you can receive financial aid, they have on campus housing, on campus mess hall, just stay keep your nose clean and you'll be fine. 


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