I am trying to attend school, and my dad has concerns on how hard it is to find work as an unexperienced tender? So, my question is, how hard is it? are there alot of jobs?

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Thanks Donald.  My son knows he isn't going to start out as a diver, that he has to work his way up the ranks through tender, etc.  He's just getting frustrated because last month they all told him they would start hiring in March, now it's March and they tell him to try back in April.  Guess he'll just have to be patient, maybe try to get a job as a mechanic until the dive industry opens up.  At least he is in the right location, so if and when the hiring starts, he'll be there instead of in Washington.
If he can get any job where he is, thats a good thing, it will also help him keep his reaume current. He could even look into getting a Merchant Mariners card. Boat life is great especially if your single. And above all else your still on the water! Real Divers are seamen at heart, If I still had my crew boat, diving or not, I'd still be out every day enjoying the water.
Its not bitterness Don, after 30 years in the business, its reality. Harsh, but reality. Too many new guys come in for the money, few do it anymore for the joy of it. But your right on one point time weeds out the trash and the ones still standing have earned it. However, all these schools, have newbes thinking they're gonna be hired the day they graduate. Sounds like a good legal case one of these days.

Hi. I have recently finished The norwegian school NYD, and if you are willing to live on the right side of the atlantic ocean working inshore, there is some companies along the norwegian west coast thats hiring now.


Just thought you wanted to know. ;)

Thank you!  It's nice to know that someone is hiring right now!
Getting started in any profession can be difficult. One thing you may want to consider is going where divers are, such as the Gulf of Mexico. Meet some divers. They can get you in if they think you can do the work. If your looking to get into the offshore oil industry, try getting a job on a drilling rig, as a roughneck or roustabout, or other offshore service companies, for awhile, while your looking, get some experience in the industry.
No No No  if you want a job as diver you have to be hired as a tender or they will stick you in the field and you will never be hired as a tender and that is the truth.
Agree. If you want to be a Diver, look for a Diving job. If you want to spend your life covered in drill mud, be a Roustie.

how are you even gonna get a job as a rough neck when there is only one or 2 rigs drilling right now?  



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