I am trying to attend school, and my dad has concerns on how hard it is to find work as an unexperienced tender? So, my question is, how hard is it? are there alot of jobs?

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Get your education, if you really want it. But be fairly forwarned, ADCI schools suck thousands every week from newbies that never make it into the field. The market is already overloaded dispite the propaganda that all schools issue daily. Educate yourself in other crafts and join a carpenters union that uses divers when you graduate you will get the proper introduction to this craft in a tightly supervised group. Take up welding learn how to construct things from steel, multi craft apprentices have a better chance of being guided up the ladder than those who just think they are gonna dive and swim around all day. Its hard work, but a decent living if you dont take crap or give it. Good luck.

I hate to stick a pin in your bubble, but my son graduated from DIT in Seattle.  He has been in Louisiana and Texas for 5 weeks pounding the pavement and talking to every dive company he can find.  So far, no luck.  As Jerry earlier said, the school told us at the beginning that they have 85% of their students placed in jobs before they graduate, and at graduation time only 2 out of 27 in the class had jobs lined up.  The oil spill in the gulf seems to have had a pretty devastating affect on the dive industry, too.  Good luck to you!


I would go to a school that dose not coast an arm and a leg so your not off to a s***ty start with a huge loan hanging over your head.
Just for general information, the ADCI started this long before the oil spill. The "Trade FEDERATION" (reference to star wars intended) was started to prevent divers from getting better pay,insurance, all the good stuff that comes with working for a living unless it came through them. These things never happened. THe lack of Unity in the past has made it harder. Divers are finally getting it together and speaking out. Ms Studeman please excuse the harshness you percieve here, it comes with years of Sr divers being beached so a younger rookie can be made to take chances smarter divers won't. We try to be honest with every rookie that logs in here. This is part of the world your son chose to join. Our attitudes are earned, but rarely understood by outsiders.
I actually didn't perceive any harshness here at all, just honesty.  Although we were told rosy stories about people finding jobs all over the gulf, my son has been out of school since last Sept. and opted to wait until Feb. 1 to make the drive from Washington.  Many of his friends have already been to the gulf and left, seeking work elsewhere, because everyone said hiring wouldn't pick up until spring.    My son loved his diving at school, and is excited to get started in the "real world" on his chosen career path.  I would think that, as in every profession, there are the older, experienced divers, and there are always 'newbies' coming up the ranks to eventually become the 'senior divers', and the cycle goes on.
WHen the ADC formed they used the issue of safety to get in with the Coast Guard and OSHA effectively ending a Divers ability to get ahead. THere was a time when a diver stepped on deck and the entire crew stepped aside. Thanks to the ADC we are no better now than stock boys at walmart ( actually the stock boys can get insurance and retirement). The ADC is a business nothing more this is demonstrated by the trade shows held each year that Divers only hear about where equipment is displayed to wealthy ADC members - divers cant afford any of it, much less the tickets to get in the door....
So true So true sad in a way but that is the time's to be as greedy as you can. I just don't get it, I must be old school
So, in the meantime....any suggestions on how my son can get a foot in the door somewhere?  He's living in a van, and has been to all the dive shops.  Some will talk to him, some just say "come back next week...or next month...."  It's so discouraging for someone who really wants to dive for a living.  He's a certified mechanic, but his love is diving.
Bring him home for awhile he deserves a break. Ease his mind and start sgsin in the spring when good companies start following up looking for tenders. With all respect to his training he must earn the title Diver...That may take a little longer.

As a Marine Corps Veteran I have learned there are only two people to trust in this business. God, and your dead buddies who you remember with honor. Im as old as Posidon, Dated his sister in grade school, Nearly drowned Neptune in 30000bc, and I taught Thor and Vulcan how to tame a blade.

Old school, if any of us have Pictures of Ace and Frank teaching Zuese to walk, yes my brother we are old school. We believe in life before and after profit our children's dreams and our right to see they are fulfilled. Its time for divers to get off their butts and re take the fields canals and ditches where we bleed for ADC member companies. Its time to lay the ADC to rest.

dont listen to what other people say on here. lots of them are bitter cus of their own circ***tances. I know that people that have had no experience getting jobs right out of school this last feburary. you're gonna have trouble finding work in any industry right now. let time weed out all the p****** if you stick with it all will be well.


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