Okay here it is. I'm gonna be 46 in July. I have always wanted to be a commercial diver. but now i need to know the truth people. I want to hear from the commercial divers out there. Please be honest with me. i dont want to put myself 20 grand in debt if i wont be able to work in this field. i do live in florida if this matters. i would attend the school in Jacksonville. I've heard nothing but good things about this school. Thanks in advance people.

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What skills are you bringing with you to the table?

To be perfectly blunt, you're over the hill.  Welcome to the club!

I'd be hugely suspect of any dive school willing to take someone's $$ once they've passed 35, they'd be knowingly taking your $$ with the full knowledge you're going to be for the most part probably be  unemployable.

The Army Corps of Engineers retires their divers at 38.

Just about he only places that put a diver in the water that's over 40 is going to be inland, and unless you've got an appropriate skill set strong in construction & metal working, most dive ops won't be interested.

As Ace is hinting at in the prior post, your mileage may vary if you're highly skilled in whatever trade/s a particular company might be in need of, like having an engineering cert.

If you really want to go to dive school, hit Young Memorial down in Louisiana and save yourself $10,000 - $15,000.



Being in Florida could be seen as a liability; everybody & their uncle down there is a diver of some sort or another.

The worker's comp rate often exceeds the diver's wage, which adds a little more to the story.

Very accurate and you will really need a strong trade skill. Good luck not impossiable but difficult to say the least.

No.  You're too old.  It's a young's man game.  Those of us over 40 are supervising now.  I still get wet when the puppies can't get it done, but it takes a bit longer to snap back.  If you still want to go through with it all, then get a full blown diving physical.  You can down load a copy from the ADCI website.  It's gonna cost you several hundred dollars, but if you have a underlying condition you may not pass the pre-employment physical.  


IF! you get a job offshore in the GOM.  You will be taking orders from a 21 year old punk LT.  Can you handle that!?  I could go on and on but it's time to hit the rack.


Cheers from Bombay!  Can't wait to get back to Texas for a real steak! 

Don't do it go to school for something other then diving! You missed the boat cuz see ya in the next life and don't be late!
Carmen, I applaude your earnest desire. If you intend on becoming self employed then go for it, If you just want to prove you can do it then go for it. Honesty first, I recently attended one of these schools (after a 22 year career both topside and underwater construction just to see what was the big deal. Reality, there are pleanty of companies who still (with our applause) REFUSE to kneel to the ADCI. Find one they will train you and teach you the way many of us old farts here learned - by doing and getting paid. As for competing with low skilled ants graduating these schools, its not impossible, but difficult if you dont bring any skill other than that card.
Hello Jerry. Thank you for being the first perosn on here that actually didnt laugh at my question. As i replied to Mike Woods. I thought about doing to Medic course after the commercial diving course. Also i do have 14 years of Military Service. but its the 20,000 dollars i'm concerned about. i hate to get into that much debt and not be able to get a job.
I am actually a Male. I thought about doing the Medic course to come along with my commercial diving. As for skills...i was in the Military for 14 years. SSG. I have plenty of Life skills and i have done construction.

i was going to make fun of you b/c i figured you were a hoax, like seriously "kissimee"??


but then i looked it up and found out to top it off its just south west of a place called "yeehaw".


hahahahaha f***** hilarious

Yea Mike i am leaning towards not doing the course. as much as i want to..i have heard too manny "Dont's" and 20 grand is a lot of money.
Recommend you go to welding school , there is a demand for certified welders and top hands make very good money.

You may as well get it out of your system & get your commercial dive training for just $4600 at: http://www.scl.edu/diving  (Young Memorial).

It's only $3600 for state (Louisiana) residents, and their residency requirements consist of either a state drivers license OR a vehicle registration, pretty easy items to fill.


Take the rest of your $15,000 & start that business as Mike suggested; also get certified for structural & state pipe welding, it'll help when it comes to getting those bridge inspection jobs (hint hint).



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