Hi everyone!

First off, a big THANK YOU to all the divers and companies that have written in letting us know how much you're enjoying cDiver.net! It's cool how the little things are what motivate you to work hard through the day and we enjoy the fact that what we're doing is appreciated by all you guys. Feel free to write into us anytime at info@cDiver.net with any thoughts, ideas, improvements or things you'd like to see on cDiver.net that would make your day easier.

Job Outlook
The industry is starting to buzz here in the States with companies beginning to staff up for the year. Here's how you can take advantage of this with cDiver.net:
2) Sign up for our job alerts and keep checking cDiver.net
3) Join groups in our community. If we find jobs, we alert the community that the job best fits.

Find Work Easier
We've got quite a few things in the cooker right now and are hard at work getting them ready for release. Our hope is that we make it MUCH easier for you guys to stay connected with the companies...helping you find work easier and cutting down on HR costs for the companies.

Before we release everything, we want to know 2 things:
1) Divers - What is your biggest frustration in getting hired?
2) Companies - What is the biggest frustration when looking to hire divers?

Either leave your comments below, Email Us, Contact Adam Directly, or Contact Nathan Directly

While we have a pretty good idea of the frustrations and like to think that we can read minds...past girlfriends have proven to us that this is far from the truth. Let us know how we can help you find work!

Some Website Issues
In all our work to get new features released, there are a few bugs that have arisen in the site. Bear with us as we get these worked out and please let us know when you find areas that are broken.

cDiver.net Girls!
We won't tell you exactly what we have in store, only that there will be some cDiver.net girls coming soon! For anyone who was at the Integra Party in New Orleans this year, you know we only bring you beautiful women. Stay tuned!

Looking for Sponsors
To help us support the site (and to make sure we can afford to eat), we are looking for companies that would like to support cDiver.net by becoming a sponsor. If you're enjoying cDiver.net, we'd love it if you could pass our name on to any companies you think would like to participate.

Lots to come in the next few months as the season starts to pick up. Dive safe everyone!

The cDiver.net Team

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