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Diving is my passion! Working as a commercial Diver is Awesome!

This is a story that really happened to me in the infant stages of my commercial diving career. I left my comfy D.O.D ( Department of Defense) job for the Army. Along with my 401K, paid leave and sick days, Full benefits. Yes i was nuts ,But diving was my passion . I had but so many good yrs left. I started out late in life . Most of my commercial diver co-workers at my age where looking to get out…

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I now know without a doubt what so ever ! That i will be doing this type of work till the day i die. I have been doing it long enough to have experienced the good and the bad of it. In been a female diver never in my dreams could i have imagined that in this field there weren't many of us. I was innocent to the fact . But later learned the reality of it. I took all i could learn from the bad and moved on , It only made me a better diver .The good parts have given me great memories and stories… Continue

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I cant stop thinking about diving ,If im not in the water kicking my own ass then im not living . I think about diving all the time , Even when im not working. One of my co-workers asked me do you always think about diving and i replied dont you? I love my job . I always wonder am i the only one who thinks like this ? I live for this stuff , I cant get enough of it . I feel so lucky to get to do what i love the most which is commercial diving . I always say i get paid to play . If im not diving… Continue

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