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V3 torches

Nearly done with my first lot of UW torches. To do list: hydraulic tests and final assembly. It's quite clear with assembly, but still have my doubts about hydraulic tests. Mainly it's for recreational scuba, however I'm hell curious, how much it can take. I'm pretty sure, the body will survive 50 bars, not sure about the glass. Well, two of them will have to take 20 bars as it's a matter of time and money when I will descent to 100 metres. To be honnest, is mostly money as gear differs from… Continue

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I now know without a doubt what so ever ! That i will be doing this type of work till the day i die. I have been doing it long enough to have experienced the good and the bad of it. In been a female diver never in my dreams could i have imagined that in this field there weren't many of us. I was innocent to the fact . But later learned the reality of it. I took all i could learn from the bad and moved on , It only made me a better diver .The good parts have given me great memories and stories… Continue

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Grant Money

Does anyone know were i can get Information about Grant money to Clean up lakes and rivers

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Diver fatality

EPORT REGARDING DIVING FATALITY (ROB HOLBR00K), 12TH AUGUST 2009, ONBOARD SWIBER ‘GLORIOUS’, VIETSOVPETRO, VIETNAM BY DAVID CLEVERLEY, LEAD DIVER This report details basic sequence of events and does not lay blame or why it happened, but what happened. I don’t want to assume anything.

On the 11th August, while lead diver on day shift we prepared the system for a gas bounce dive on He02 16% to 57 meters. The plan was to attach davitt 2 and 4 to the 8” pipeline for an add-on and subsequent… Continue

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Any Work out there?

Does any body have ANY leads on Companies That actually have work and are working? I have 14 years of experience.


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BG’s huge find is to dwarf BP's find of last week

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Diver recounts harbor accident that left him unconscious in water

Gloucester's Teddy Barnes experienced the commercial diver's worst nightmare in the Inner Harbor last month.

Barnes, a 48-year-old professional diver of 28 years, who owns and operates Freedom Diving Corp. off Rogers Street with his wife Deborah, beat incredible odds just surviving an underwater accident. The quick actions of several fishermen were responsible in part for him being here today.

Prior to the accident, the affable diver with a warm glow to his face "...… Continue

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Hurt Feelings Report

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BP Makes "Giant" Oil Find in Gulf of Mexico

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What is a diver?

They come in assorted sizes, in trucks, in helicopters, in supply boats, in "cut-off" jeans, in love, in debt, and indiscriminately. Girls love them, whores take them, St. John's tolerate them and governments support them.

They are laziness with a pack of cards, bravery with a bottle of rum, and the saviours of humanity on empty pockets. They have the enthusiasm of a turtle, the stories of a sea captain, the inspiration of a born liar, and the charm of Casanova.

No other… Continue

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