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He Taught the World to Extract the Fuel, Then Watched Everyone Else Get Rich

By Megan Barnett Apr 23, 2010
He taught the world how to extract the fuel, then watched everyone else get rich.

When you think about how many trillions of dollars have been made on oil, how many lives have been lost over access to the fossil fuel, and how much the commodity has contributed to the advancement of developed nations during the past century, it’s…


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Hey everyone with today being ANZAC Day in aussie i thought some people might find whats below intresting ...and the photo attached oh yeah i rememeber doing that!!


Australian Special Operations Forces

Clearance Diving Teams

The Royal Australian Navy has two fully operational CDTs which incorporate local…


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Wartime Issue 26

'Tough and dangerous work'

slipping into the dark, oily waters of a polluted harbour and feeling one’s way round live sea-mines in the silt at the bottom might not be everybody’s idea of a great time. But for the men of the RAN’s Clearance Diving Team Three, or AUSCDT Three, this was just the job they had been training to do, in many cases for years. In Iraq in 2003, they got their chance.



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weres a good location to start my job search

im heading down to louisiana next month and i need to know were a good city to center my job search

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Norway's Underwater 'Guinea Pigs'

Diver Brushneen

Mike Brushneen, one of the British divers who died in the North Sea

By Iain Haddow

BBC News

The North Sea oil rush of the 1970s offered big rewards for high-risk work and claimed several lives. Now families of British workers who died in Norwegian waters want to understand what happened to their loved ones.

In the early 1970s, the North Sea was a watery Wild…


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