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I cant stop thinking about diving ,If im not in the water kicking my own ass then im not living . I think about diving all the time , Even when im not working. One of my co-workers asked me do you always think about diving and i replied dont you? I love my job . I always wonder am i the only one who thinks like this ? I live for this stuff , I cant get enough of it . I feel so lucky to get to do what i love the most which is commercial diving . I always say i get paid to play . If im not diving… Continue

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Scams in Malaysia

Hozit i just want to let u oaks know that there is a man with the name of bar. Jateht Mohamad his number +60143627161 Hil offer you a substantial amount of for a job offer on the Sarawak Project and you must pay 850 US!! And the so called embassey has a Yahoo mail adress. Please advise this is a scam!

Dive Safe

Gerrit Herselman

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Depressed because you never received an email reply in 24 hours

It had me thinking of a bygone era when the mail would arrive on the supply vessel and if your letter had just missed the boat it could be another week till you eventually had it in your hand, by this time of course any news reported would be a fortnight old.

Maybe we should cut them some slack on the email.

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Update on cDiver.net

Hi everyone!

First off, a big THANK YOU to all the divers and companies that have written in letting us know how much you're enjoying cDiver.net! It's cool how the little things are what motivate you to work hard through the day and we enjoy the fact that what we're doing is appreciated by all you guys. Feel free to write into us anytime at info@cDiver.net with any thoughts, ideas, improvements or things you'd like to see on cDiver.net that… Continue

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NEW Commercial Diving Jobs

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